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Warren Falcon

Rookie - 239 Points (04/23/52 - xxxx / Spartanburg, South Carolina, USA)

Poems of Warren Falcon

181. Sleepy Bee, He Is Rising Beneath Me, The Hidden God Is Pleased 8/5/2012
182. Stage Coaches, Hands No Longer - How It Is How I Am Otherly Conformed 8/16/2012
183. Still Life With Burros 10/1/2012
184. Still Life With Coffee Can, Father, River, Bell, Mouse, Lover Fled 10/11/2012
185. Surrealistic Sutures For The Acetylene Virgin 1/13/2010
186. Suturas Surrealista De La Virgen De Acetileno 12/11/2011
187. Swoons In The Liquor Of Splash 1/6/2013
188. tell me now 7/13/2013
189. Temple Ruin Haiku 10/1/2012
190. That Salt Adheres 11/23/2011
191. That We Can Be Broken - A Bird Spirit Speaks Of Beginnings 12/20/2010
192. The Abject Ones, Six Falling—Nightingale Confesses Into Straighter Teeth 10/10/2010
193. The Case For Love As Storm 10/6/2011
194. The Cracked Cup, Somewhat Shakespherical 3/4/2011
195. The Drying Assuages, Being A Parody In Part Of T.S. Eliot's “Four Quartets” Invoking Samuel Beckett, A Bit Of James Joyce, & A Final Haunting By Ezra Pound 9/27/2013
196. The Empress of Contrails Writes Upon Darkness - Anxiety of Influence 12/14/2010
197. The Empress of Contrails Writes Upon Darkness - Anxiety of Influence - Alternate Version 7/24/2010
198. The Icarus Of Housewives, Circa 1981 12/29/2009
199. The Idea Of 'Pear Tree' 10/1/2012
200. The Lesson Book Of Weather - 2 Thigh-ku 10/14/2010

Delusion Of One

Born: Year of the Dragon.
Horoscope: 'Today's the lucky day.'

Luck, you say? O.K. Once. In a small town
on a snowy road, the scenery spinning round.
When it stopped you were pointing toward a good
place - Home. The message: Go back.
You can decide again to begin again
or stay warm there: Wombtown, population: 1.

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