Warren Falcon

(04/23/52 - xxxx / Spartanburg, South Carolina, USA)

Poems of Warren Falcon

221. Turning Thighs To Diamonds 1/28/2012
222. Turning Thighs to Diamonds - Alchemical Passes For Father and Son 1/11/2011
223. Two For Nimal 10/30/2011
224. Two Haiku Deconstructing Themselves & A Pear Tree 10/1/2012
225. Two Poems, Remembering Barnardsville Days, Blue Ridge Mountains, North Carolina 8/21/2011
226. Two Proems from ' 'Now, Heart' - Some Of What I Remember When I Listen' 11/11/2011
227. Unexpected Fire, A Son's Cycle 3/5/2011
228. Upon Kingfisher Wings - Letter 1 From Minimus Cast Out Into Space Praying Net Or Nest Catches 8/7/2010
229. Upon Reading Naseer Ahmed Nasir's 'Don't Ever Come, O December' 1/9/2010
230. Upon This Wide Water, For Staten Island Ferry, circa 1985, Manhattan 12/8/2010
231. Upon This Wide Water, On Our Broken Boat - Two For Staten Island Ferry, circa 1985 Manhattan 2/7/2010
232. Upon Viewing Hiroshige Winter Prints After A Snowstorm 2/9/2013
233. Uses For Wings - Variations From 'We Can Be Broken' & Other Discarded Poems 7/22/2010
234. Wallace Steven's Florida of the Mind 6/8/2011
235. What Bells & Sex Have To Do With Each Other, A Mythic Rendering From Ancient Texts & Dreams, circa 1981 1/22/2010
236. What Can Be Said, This Day, Of Remorse 1/26/2014
237. What Is Allowed Lace Of Vision 5/20/2012
238. What Is Known Is Variable and Dependent Upon Available Light - Instants of Darkness Yielding Into Present Glory 12/17/2012
239. What Is Revealed 10/13/2012
240. What Is Revealed In Two 10/19/2012

Delusion Of One

Born: Year of the Dragon.
Horoscope: 'Today's the lucky day.'

Luck, you say? O.K. Once. In a small town
on a snowy road, the scenery spinning round.
When it stopped you were pointing toward a good
place - Home. The message: Go back.
You can decide again to begin again
or stay warm there: Wombtown, population: 1.

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