Whitney Albright

Rookie - 49 Points (07-31-1988 / Alabama)

Whitney Albright Poems

41. 'Oh, Heart' 8/29/2008
42. 'Pathway' 10/4/2008
43. Poor Man 10/4/2008
44. Saydie Belle's Fairies 5/11/2010
45. 'Tears Of Stone' 8/30/2008
46. 'The Coldest Hour' 9/21/2008
47. 'The Depot By The Tracks' 5/21/2009
48. 'The Eastern Strand' 9/23/2008
49. 'The Sense Of Smell' 12/26/2008
50. The Willow's Aren'T Weaping 11/13/2009
51. Through The Belt Of Orion 7/17/2009
52. To My Father 2/10/2016
53. 'Underneath The Sun' 10/5/2008
54. 'Up Here On This Saddle' 12/18/2008
55. Wadley Cafe 12/14/2009
56. 'Wait On A Friend' 10/4/2008
57. 'Wet Foot-Prints' 9/25/2008
58. 'What I Thought I Knew' 2/4/2016
59. What Is The Grass? 12/16/2008
60. 'Where I Belong' 10/16/2008
61. World Of A Million Hearts 10/4/2008
62. 'Wrinkles' 1/3/2009
63. 'You Always Stayed' 8/29/2008
Best Poem of Whitney Albright

'Illegal Immigration'

A Honduran man left his kids and wife
To give them all a better life
Of no more hunger, no more thirst
No more waiting on misery to spread worse
On an 18 wheeler, he sneaks a ride
For days on in he hopes and hides
Riding through America, land of the free
Turned out nothing like it seemed to be
For when he ran off after the truck stopped today
He found himself as a hopeless stray
He can’t get a job since he has an illegal name
And he won’t accept food since he’s so ashamed
The government, they won’t take him back
They say it’s too much money for them to ...

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'Tears Of Stone'

So afraid to shed a tear
Because a soul might stop to hear
The whole world would stop and look
At the moment of sorrow that I took
But instead, I stopped and let it out
I'm guessing the crowd is wondering about
Are they staring while I cry?
Can they not just pass me by?
O! How bad it hurts me inside

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