Will Reilly

Poems of Will Reilly

1. Change 6/10/2009
2. Friend 6/10/2009
3. Initials in your heart 6/10/2009
4. Live Today 6/10/2009
5. Locket 6/10/2009
6. One Day at a Time 6/10/2009
7. untitled 5/12/2010
8. While you were sleeping 6/10/2009
9. You resemble the world 6/10/2009

One Day at a Time

Youve seen better days you know its true
But dont let that hold you back being blue
You know youve got me, ill never leave
Youve got me to see through if things get rough
One day at a time dont rush ahead
One day at a time, you'll be fine
Not too fast, youll lose yourself
Just know that i am proud.

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