Wolkine Stany

Rookie - 90 Points (November 26,1991- / St. Mark, Haiti, Elizabeth NJ)

Wolkine Stany Poems

1. The Vision 4/2/2009
2. Desire Of Love 4/2/2009
3. Dedicated To Mother Stany 5/4/2009
4. A Special Day For A Special Mother 5/5/2009
5. A Fight To Remember Lyrics 5/20/2009
6. Great Year For A Gentleman 6/12/2009
7. Hey What's Next School Is Over 6/13/2009
8. The Day Got Closer 8/15/2009
9. Valentine 2/20/2010
10. Inspirational Wish Of Love 2/20/2010
11. Help-Less Heart 2/20/2010
12. Give Me That Check Lyrics By B-Smoove B.K.A Birdy B 3/30/2010
13. Light Out The Shadow 5/14/2010
14. In Need Of Stronger Faith 5/14/2010
15. Flow With The Spirit 5/14/2010
16. Against Lucifer 5/17/2010
17. Ride Along With God To Be Mighty Strong 2/17/2009
18. The Storm Is Over 2/17/2009
19. The Great Conversation With God 2/17/2009
20. He Showed Me The Way 2/18/2009
21. Thank You Lord 2/20/2009
22. Great In The Power Of The Lord 2/20/2009
23. Truthful Sadness 5/21/2010
24. Flee Away Demon 5/24/2010
25. Worship And Annointing 6/7/2010
26. Letter To Mr.Cummings 6/10/2010
27. Love 10/4/2010
28. Pastor 10/16/2010
29. Competing With Life And Sin 10/16/2010
30. Gorify And Magnify 10/16/2010
31. Cause & Effect 11/11/2010
32. A Tale To Tell 11/11/2010
33. Criteria Love 11/12/2010
34. Painful Love 11/12/2010
35. All Nations Under God 7/1/2012
36. Undefined God 9/10/2012
37. Good Morning Lord 10/24/2012
38. Pentecostal To Humble 10/24/2012
39. About Jesus 10/24/2012
40. A Change Now 12/10/2012
Best Poem of Wolkine Stany

The Value Of A Woman

There is more to a woman
Than just her lips and her curves
Some belittle the respect that they deserve
Hungry men are like dogs when they sexually observe
She traps him with the lust that she preserves
Some allow themselves to be sexually objectified
Becoming sex symbols so they can be glorified
Pleasure resist them from being purified
Now can a man take her serious if she's not dignified?

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The Storm Is Over

I made it through the misery
I used to hate it when people preached to me
All because I was confused and blind by the enemy
I never would've thought church is where I ought to be
Now I give God praise day after day for letting me see
How life is, So this storm has had the last of me
There were times I was tempted
Because of how I used to be around the negative
I used to look at life based on others perspectives

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