Treasure Island

Wolkine Stany

(November 26,1991- / St. Mark, Haiti, Elizabeth NJ)

Poems of Wolkine Stany

1. A Change Now 12/10/2012
2. A Fight To Remember lyrics 5/20/2009
3. A Special Day For A Special Mother 5/5/2009
4. A Tale To Tell 11/11/2010
5. About Jesus 10/24/2012
6. Against Lucifer 5/17/2010
7. All Nations Under God 7/1/2012
8. Angel 4/1/2009
9. Beauty and The Beast 8/1/2013
10. Before You Whine 4/26/2013
11. Better Half 1/22/2014
12. Blasphemous Kanye 1/20/2014
13. Cause & Effect 11/11/2010
14. Colors and Reality 8/1/2013
15. Competing With Life And Sin 10/16/2010
16. Criteria Love 11/12/2010
17. Dedicated To Mother Stany 5/4/2009
18. Desire Of Love 4/2/2009
19. Dope Krenglish 4/17/2013
20. Easy Concept But Tough Road 3/23/2014

Thank You Lord

You are mighty my Lord
You are so powerful that you can never be defeated
You showed me love when I needed it
I am blessed today from your powerful anointing
I'll go any direction wherever you're pointing
I wouldn't go to no other but you for my needs
I beleive in you, that you will even cure my heart if it bleeds
Dear God, you loved me, Even when I have never loved you
knowing how great you are, Lord thank you for making me brand new

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