Yewande Adedokun

Freshman - 813 Points (19th may 1990 / owo, ondo state)

Yewande Adedokun Poems

1. Evil Drum Beats 5/29/2012
2. Music Makes More Love 5/30/2012
3. 'Happy' Is The Word 6/1/2012
4. My Name And Death 6/28/2012
5. Milk And Polish 7/30/2012
6. My Thoughts 10/18/2012
7. My Apology 10/19/2012
8. In The Walls Of Your Heart 11/7/2012
9. Shadow Of The River 11/15/2012
10. Borrowed Tears 12/23/2012
11. I Have Not Failed 9/9/2013
12. Oloye Jako (Chief Jako) 11/4/2013
13. Azar-Yahu 11/20/2013
14. Nuclear Winter 11/27/2013
15. I Take A Bow 2/6/2014
16. The Shadow Chaser 8/6/2014
17. Black Love 10/14/2014
18. The Morning Never Comes 10/14/2014
19. Amen 10/14/2014
20. I Got Better 1/9/2015
21. A Story By Me Not Me 5/28/2015
22. See What I Have Become 5/28/2015
23. Calypso 6/2/2015
24. No One 6/8/2015
25. Pretty Soldier In Stoned Love 7/13/2015
26. In The Hands Of Time 7/22/2015
27. The Ornament Of Sacrifice 5/20/2013
28. The Next Door 7/16/2013
29. The Noisy Heart 7/18/2013
30. All Broken 8/14/2013
31. The Bencher 4/17/2016
32. Sometime In July 5/30/2016
33. We Meet Again 7/12/2016
34. He Interprets Love To Me 9/13/2016
35. The Hot Night Wind 6/25/2012
36. Mon Famile 6/21/2012
37. Finding Peace In A Beast 5/28/2012
38. Gain 10/19/2012
39. Eclipse Of The Soul 10/20/2012
40. A Friend's Letter To Me 7/24/2013
Best Poem of Yewande Adedokun

The Young Flowers

A growth in the beauty of the sun
Little do they know how it can burn
Towards its direction they turn

Maybe it is the warmth it gives to the soul
Maybe it is the attraction of colour that made it so
Cannot say for certain why the sun takes the hold

They wait for the sunrise each morning
Their heart in its jive they sing
Cannot tell the wrong it brings
Cannot see the fire and its steams

But the older ones prays for the rain
They dream for the clouds to gather again
And when it finally rains, their heart sings its praise
There their heart finds...

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He Interprets Love To Me

Until he the corner reveals his face
I did never know the fallen angel is what we all call gravity
My man comes with a certain glow that lifts me above the ground
A certain priceless bullet that shoots me into the sky
In shock, my feet refuse to touch the ground

Stay that way
In that manner these days I pray
My man brings all the love heaven can offer to me

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