Yogiraj Biplab

Rookie - 217 Points [Yogiraj] (25.08.1997 / Dohaguri, Kharibari, Darjeeling, West Bengal)

Yogiraj Biplab Poems

1. How To See Ourselves? 10/20/2013
2. World Is Gonna Down 10/20/2013
3. The Nature At Night 10/20/2013
4. The Children I Saw 10/20/2013
5. Frozy Days Have Come 11/3/2013
6. Love At Night 12/6/2013
7. The Dreams On My Eyes 7/25/2013
8. The Nights 7/25/2013
9. Death 12/15/2013
10. In The Snow World With My Dear 12/15/2013
11. The Past Life 12/23/2013
12. Hurting Love 3/24/2014
13. Just A Sincere Friend 3/24/2014
14. We Are In Excitement 3/24/2014
15. Life Is Like A Game 4/8/2014
16. The Man Never Dies 4/22/2014
17. तुहि हेँ 5/9/2014
18. हमारा प्यार 5/10/2014
19. Coloured Eyes 5/10/2014
20. What The Town Seems 5/26/2014
21. When A Flower Is Beautiful 6/12/2014
22. A Return To The Back World 6/19/2014
23. Never Will I Expect 4/4/2014
24. Introspection 4/6/2014
25. Dreams Are Dreams 4/7/2014
26. When I'Ve Been Changed 4/7/2014
27. My Friend Is The Sky 4/8/2014
28. The Three Years 6/19/2014
29. পৃথিবীর কাব্যের মৃত্যু নেই 6/23/2014
30. Welcome Youths 6/25/2014
31. The Real Friend Is The Tree 6/25/2014
32. Memories 7/5/2014
33. I Am Sorry 8/21/2014
34. We Will Love In The Heaven 12/15/2014
35. Alone 1/8/2015
36. O My Mother 1/9/2015
37. My Lovely Dear 10/3/2015
38. My Girlfriend 2/23/2016
39. The Untouched Twinkle 5/22/2016
40. Naman To Lord Shiva 5/22/2016
Best Poem of Yogiraj Biplab


I remember my childhood everyday
It is the greatest moment gives me relief
I was thoughtless at my childhood
No matter no duty I had deeply
But the time does not wait
I myself donot know how I have been changed
I have crossed a long distance have known men, seen the society
It was better than the bitter aged
Should we recall the childhood?
Yes growing up we be free
We are disconnected from our family, parents
And choose our life as ours
In the now-world to respect parents you must remember childhood

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The Dreams On My Eyes

The fairy over the farmost clouds in the sky calls me

I know she is waiting for me She loves me

She is with tears waiting for me about a thousand years ago

She calls me O My dear come please come How I wait for you with tears? Do you know my pain? I have only onlynees Only onlyness

There is a lot of loves with her in the unknown world where I want to go

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