Zhi Bai Peng

Zhi Bai Peng Poems

1. Adulthood 12/17/2007
2. Why Has It Been So Long? 12/17/2007
3. Alone And Adrift 12/17/2007
4. Dreamer 12/17/2007
5. Awkward Orphan 12/17/2007
6. Idiots Abounding 12/17/2007
7. End-Of-The-Worlders 12/17/2007
8. Detail Orientated Narrow Minded Smart Stupid Folk 12/17/2007
9. Frustrated 12/17/2007
10. Attachments Shaken Up 12/17/2007
11. Why So Hard, Why So Absurd 12/17/2007
12. Couples 12/17/2007
13. The Damned Wear Red And Black 12/17/2007
14. Red Is Action, Passion, Blue Is Tranqulity 12/17/2007
15. Middle Classes Talk About Nothing And Everything And Talk Shit 12/17/2007
16. Why Fight Everything 12/17/2007
Best Poem of Zhi Bai Peng

Why Has It Been So Long?

why has it taken so long to heal?
why has it been so still for so long?
why do i have to always wait and dream?

when will my destiny be?
why am i stuck in medocrity?
why can't i just get into a rhythm?

just why do i feel so stuck?
why has everything seem so brittle?
why do i have to push so hard?

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Awkward Orphan

being curious just made me awkward
truth is forbidden in this town from
people, friends and family

Words come out all funny
In our clarity of thought
Paradoxical and sublime!

Staring vacantly into space

[Hata Bildir]