A Selection Of Senryus - 3

Such aggravation
Thorn in the flesh, very painful
Need to use tweezers!

This perpetual flow
A waterfall gushing down
Never ending story!

Calamiterror (Section Vi)


Meandering abroad in the Lincolnshire meadows day
Day and day a month perhaps, lying at night lonely,
The early September evening administering a mystery,
The moon executing its wavering sleight of hand, I sense the
Advent of the extraordinary event, the calamiterror,
Turn and encounter the mountain descending upon me
The moment of terror flashes like dead powder
Revealing the features of the mass as mine.

! F'M All!

F the pigs and the vultures
that try to break up our cultures.
Always start'n altercations
with all the rezervations
all across this F'n nation
all I c is aggravation,
total annihilation! !

So F the federal fiends
that always pull up our greens

The Doe: A Fragment (From Wandering Willie)

And-'Yonder look! yoho! yoho!
Nancy is off!' the farmer cried,
Advancing by the river side,
Red-kerchieft and brown-coated;-'So,
My girl, who else could leap like that?
So neatly! like a lady! 'Zounds!
Look at her how she leads the hounds!'
And waving his dusty beaver hat,
He cheered across the chase-filled water,
And clapt his arm about his daughter,

Adolf Hitler

He had the dream,
to hear the screams,
of a million aching men.
He sold himself with rhetoric,
and the nightmare soon began.

Hypnotized and blind to lies,
a people showed no pity.
Captured towns and vandalized,
a thousand helpless cities.

Hans Huckebein (The Unlucky Raven) Prologue

Sosehr sein Ende mich bewegt,
Ich durft' es anders nicht vermelden. -
Er stirbt - denn tragisch angelegt
War der Charakter dieses Helden.

His ending moves me; only, mind,
A diff'rent one I can't envision.
He dies - for tragically designed
Was our hero's disposition.

*feeding Temptation*

Fighting this temptation leads to aggravation. Filled with dread and banging my head against the wall asking: When will I fall? From off this wagon my feet are dragging one step behind but when will I find the help I need? Before my next deed? Why can't they see I need to be free? Don't just let it be, this addiction is killing me!

Hair Day (Back Home In Nova Scotia)

Guess what, it’s hair-day O Lord, this week is over,
No more time to count beautiful four leaf clovers.
Perhaps Aunt Mar will initiate the dastardly deed,
Hugged unflinchingly between her legs, useless to plead..

Well there was Dora, my second hair lady, she was mean
Trying to make me look like a fabulous beauty Queen.
I knew without a doubt they had the best overall intentions,
In this part of the world there was yet to be an invention.

Time's Toll

I see it in your face -
Too many unslept hours,
Forgotten, unpicked flowers -
When will you stop?

I see it in your eyes -
All the unshed tears
You've held back through the years -
Why don't you cry?

Uh, Readers...Are You There?

I'd love to submit a poem....
Hell, I'd like to SEE a poem....
But the Skypes have arrived...
And on poems they thrive....

A Skype a Day Keeps Poetry Away! ! ! ! ! !

Hello Google Syndication...how nice to see your newest advertising

Aggravation! ! ! ! ! ! !

Guide To Conjugal Harmony...In A Lighter Vein

why do couples often fight?
mostly to convey...
'I am the one who is right'
its a pleasure to have the last word
make sure your voice is heard
a barb, a dart, a parting shot,
all great fun when the temprature is hot,
but do we ever realize,
or go with the premise,
how does it matter who is right?

A Cold Conclusion

Vacant hours increase with excuses
You have so much to do; that’s what you say…
Can’t spare any length of time like you use to do
What’s the inspiration for your new cologne spray?

There is an aggravation that messes with my head
It is an itch of doubt that won’t go away with shampoo
My eternal love for you was declared for all to see
Suddenly, I want to remove my aching blue heart tattoo

The Waggoner - Canto Fourth

THUS they, with freaks of proud delight,
Beguile the remnant of the night;
And many a snatch of jovial song
Regales them as they wind along;
While to the music, from on high,
The echoes make a glad reply.--
But the sage Muse the revel heeds
No farther than her story needs;
Nor will she servilely attend
The loitering journey to its end.

'' I'm A Loser ''

Hello my dear friends,
I would never deceive,
Democracy one defends,
Do not let me grieve,
We can still make amends,
If my lies you believe,
I can be a bit of a bruiser.

I am not what they say,
I would never lie,

Old Guard

Fertilized with a dose of aggravation,
And watered with a little touch of gall,
Her lawn has sprouted warning signs to tell
The neighbor children and passing dog walkers
To 'keep off the grass' and that 'no trespassing'
Will be tolerated in that domain.
(They are so thick if you tripped over one
A second would impale you in the fall.)

Armed with a rake, wearing a fatigued dress

Come Fast

Come fast

It is good to be vocal
Make attack frontal
Score the point
And then become silent

We all wish the same
Remain in life without blame
Advise wherever is necessary

Alfred And Janet

Yes, let me tell of Jennet, my last child;
In her the charms of all the rest ran wild,
And sprouted as they pleased. Still by my side,
I own she was my favourite, was my pride,
Since first she labour'd round my neck to twine,
Or clasp'd both little hands in one of mine:
And when the season broke, I've seen her bring
Lapfuls of flowers, and then the girl would sing
Whole songs, and halves, and bits, O, with such glee!
If playmates found a favourite, it was she.

Aggravation Wrote This.

It didn’t take vary long,
For like to turn to frustration.
Then frustration to anger.
Then anger to hate.
Just about fore weeks.

You were such a good friend,
And now we don’t even talk.
You wont even look my way.
I know it has to be like this,

Letters From Abroad

(N.B. This is two short poems that combine to from a third. The format is called a trigee. I don't know the origin.)

Dear Mrs Williams

I regret to inform you of.......The Minister's statement about
The death of your son............His involvement in the Afghan war is
A terrible tragedy...............Made worse
Knowing it was...................Due to
Unnecessary.....................Aggravation from others

What Lovely - Friendship Would Be Nice [revision]

What wonderful friendship would be a nice
stalemate if you hated me and I hated you;
the way you treat me as your punching bag
yet help me with all the usual domestic duties
so its fine, though a right to vent frustration,
treat me like a criminal remains, and I will be
one while you’re martyr to your own
‘wonderful’ personality

If that’s what life means, your fighting, biting,