Uh, Readers...Are You There? Poem by elysabeth faslund

Uh, Readers...Are You There?

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I'd love to submit a poem....
Hell, I'd like to SEE a poem....
But the Skypes have arrived...
And on poems they thrive....

A Skype a Day Keeps Poetry Away! ! ! ! ! !

Hello Google Syndication...how nice to see your newest advertising

Aggravation! ! ! ! ! ! !

Ben Gieske 26 March 2008

Thanks for sounding the alarm.

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Mary Gordley 27 March 2008

What a frustration this poses, I fall further behind in reading poems and proses.

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Thad Wilk 26 March 2008

Sometimes i only have to hit refresh 10 times to get to a poem, then only 8 times to get the comment in! ! I was lucky SKYPES only came up on your poem and not on the comment today! ! So if it seems your getting shaft on your points or comments lately, blame P.H. for letting SKYPES get away with this. Best regards Elysabeth, thanks for sharing!

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Ann Beard 26 March 2008

Hi Elysabeth. What is a skype I am not having any problems, but wonder what it is. Regards Ann

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I don't know the skypes.

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Don Mcwilliams 26 March 2008

Amen to that, Lys. Thanks. Don

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