! F'M All! Poem by Rage'n Curtis

! F'M All!

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F the pigs and the vultures
that try to break up our cultures.
Always start'n altercations
with all the rezervations
all across this F'n nation
all I c is aggravation,
total annihilation! !

So F the federal fiends
that always pull up our greens
all because they need oil for their f'n machines! !
Just so they can buy things
with the destruction it brings! !

F the CEO's and the political ho's
n this world of rage
there r no friends or foes.
Got respect for my Natives
but thats the way it goes,
we die then multiply
as our medicine grows! ! ! !

This goes out 2 all my natives and family strive'n and survive'n! ! !
Oh, and F the system! ! ! !

James Mclain 15 June 2009

yes, save the savable, still the system is the Storm..your words ring as bees about the head of not some few...home States..iip

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lol funny and true! and i agree F the sytem!

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Miranda Stoltz 18 December 2009

I really didn't think i was going to like it. Cause i don't like swear words. But i actually did. Lol. Weird. But pretty cool poem. (:

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That was such a cool way to swear dude i wish i would have thought of that but hey! somebody smarter beat me to it lol. I love the poem i'm making it my first favorite.10 is not enough you so deserve a 200 it's awesome ~Izzzzzzzzzy~

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Sarah Abdullah 28 June 2009

ummmmmmmmmm Pretty interesting poem... Love it

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Christina Phan 20 June 2009

kool poem hey 10+++ F'm all gd idea whts up y u not talking to me? wht did i do wrong?

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Jazz Annis 17 June 2009

wow! that was really good i really enjoy reading ur stuff! lol

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