Hair Day (Back Home In Nova Scotia) Poem by Melvina Germain

Hair Day (Back Home In Nova Scotia)

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Guess what, it’s hair-day O Lord, this week is over,
No more time to count beautiful four leaf clovers.
Perhaps Aunt Mar will initiate the dastardly deed,
Hugged unflinchingly between her legs, useless to plead..

Well there was Dora, my second hair lady, she was mean
Trying to make me look like a fabulous beauty Queen.
I knew without a doubt they had the best overall intentions,
In this part of the world there was yet to be an invention.

Strong pulling, tugging, squeezing, plaiting and curl,
A humongous undertaking for a cute black little girl.
I grimaced and went all out with a full body squeeze
sometimes I purposely tried to fall down on my knees.

My Auntie, she was strong willed, full of determination,
No matter all my complaining or constant aggravation.
Aunt Mar often played those cute little games with me,
Look in the mirror sweetheart, now what do you see

Oh my, I looked very pretty with my corn rows and bows,
A brave little girl, I can be, so I stood firm up on my toes,
I smiled, oh yes incessantly, soon we’re heading to the end
and I truly can’t wait to show all of my classmate friends.

Now don’t you dare ask about that straightening comb,
I left mine with Granma, long time ago back home.
The burns I caught upon my scalp
Brought me to tears and everyone heard me yelp

Those were the days, now gone long time
I settled in to wigs, switches, extensions and weaves.
I’ve given most up, no time to sit hours on end.
I simply wash and curl my long hair now you see
The menopause became a best friend to me.

Written by: Melvina Germain
Date: Nov.1/2015

Souren Mondal 22 November 2015

Not sure if I can comment on this since being a man I have no real way of understanding what you said here... But what struck me the most is how women are 'forced' almost to 'look after' their 'image' as long as they are menstruating and not in menopause... Maybe, we all are so shallow as to look at women as mere 'sexual objects' - valuabe 'assets' (no puns intended there) as long as they are in their youth... But that is an entirely third person perspective and not a first person account of what a woman goes through.. That is what your poem is... A wonderful piece to me, something that evades me as the virtue of being born with a XY chromosome and yet touches me for being someone who can appreciate poetry... P: S: The poem also reminded me of Jenny Joseph's 'Warning'... Thank you for sharing Melvina...

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Melvina Germain 23 November 2015

Thank you for the detailed comment Souren, I must explain the last line where I mention the manopause. The reason the menopause became my long time friend is because my hair texture went from kinky to absolutely straight, no more pulling and tugging my

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Wes Vogler 22 November 2015

Melvina could you please direct me to your poem about the demented lady and her pets? Tell you what. I was having trouble getting through and have blue-lined a comment. Here it is forthwith. Melvina. The site machine is apparently seriously flawed. I tried three times to make a comment on your poem of the distressed lady and her pets. Each time it was snatched away before I could use verification code. I was impressed by your obvious sincerity in writing about this distressed lady. It is a strong poem with good rhythm and, in my opinion, a piece of entertainment, which is what we are all seeking to attain. I am so happy to find one more person writing in rhyme. It adds so much more than just random thoughts thrown onto paper. You represent Calgary well. Huzzah! I hope we hear more of this plight. I am jealous of your 54 responses. I sometimes attain four or five but not usually. You and Kelly and Kumarmani Mahakul (such, a name) have been my staunchest supporters and I appreciate it. a 10 in any book. (not just polite) Old Dad (wes)

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Wes Vogler 22 November 2015

What do you know. My family came from Vogler's Cove in Nova Scotia. They moved to British Columbia in app 1920. I am glad to see you are writing with rhymes. something I feel free to rate and this poem was very much fun and easily absorbed. I shall investigate your work further.

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Melvina Germain 23 November 2015

you Wes, I appreciate you coming by and reading my poem with such a detailed comment as well.....

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Loke Kok Yee 02 November 2015

for men no more problems when we are bald thanks Melvina

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Melvina Germain 23 November 2015

Always nice to see you Loke Kok Tee, thank you so much for continually supporting me.....

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Kelly Kurt 01 November 2015

We guys have it easy.: -)

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Melvina Germain 23 November 2015

I smile and agree with you but still it's a joy to be a woman, I love it...Thank you for being such a marvelous support, much appreciated.....

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Melvina Germain

Melvina Germain

Sydney, Nova Scotia
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