A Letter

From Mr. Hosea Biglow To The Hon. J.T. Buckingham, Editor Of The Boston Courier, Covering A Letter From Mr. B. Sawin, Private In The Massachusetts Regiment

This kind o' sogerin' aint a mite like our October trainin',
A chap could clear right out from there ef 't only looked like rainin',
An' th' Cunnles, tu, could kiver up their shappoes with bandanners,
An' send the insines skootin' to the bar-room with their banners
(Fear o' gittin' on 'em spotted), an' a feller could cry quarter
Ef he fired away his ramrod arter tu much rum an' water.

“hammering In The Hills”

A gift to us was given
in the blitz build of 1997.
His visit in a portrait well preserved..
His cause for us he came to serve.

He came with but one aim
from the peanut plains of Georgia.
He came houses to frame
in the eastern foothills of Berea.

(m - Baba Amte - 1994) The Sight Of Christ

A son of India
Rose from the breast of east
Traveled west
Breathed the London air
And when he returned from there
After a short while
From that splendorous land
From that glorious land
Of skyscrapers and dazzling lights
He was asked to share

* Blitz *


Black-white-board -opened...
Old blitz-timer is included...
To you, i still conceded...
This colour is white ivory,
But of banal e2 - e4 play
Please avoid, you away.

Memories Rain Down

I listen for more, sitting in the porch
As breeze stirs dormant thoughts
And rain intones some archaic pain
Aroma of wet soil wafts free
Stretching towards closed doors
Dance of leaves, murmur of breeze
Heavenly bliss or nostalgic rush?
Rain and breeze keep collaborating
For a duet of unheard melodies
In my peace, your thought sirens war

The Mole Part Three

Kaum ist's vorbei mit dem Trara,
So ist der Wühler wieder da.

When all is quiet, as before,
The burrower appears once more.

Schnupp! dringt die Schaufel wie der Blitz
Dem Maulwurf unter seinen Sitz.

***me (Two) (Popular Poetry)

Me (I wanted to write this one as simple and popular poetry, however, suggestions are welcome)

People wonder from where I get so much strength
Though I am not born in a wonderful land
But when they start to search
They find
Power lies
In the renunciation of fear and greed
And the most wonderful thing


I'm strait up independent,
If i hustle for the cash
then u know I'm gonna spend it.

Gangbangers drag themselves down
like anchors on boats,
anger makes cut-throats
when no one else votes.

Nortano's and crips,

How I'D Love To Be An Oscar Mayer Weiner..


i wish i were an oscar mayer wiener that is what i'd truly like to be
and if i were an oscar mayer wiener everyone would be in love with me

my bologna has a first name its o-s-c-a-r my bologna has a seconds name its m-a-y-e-r
i love to eat it every day and if you ask me
why i'll say cause oscar mayer has a way with b-o-l-o-g-n-a :)

The jokes are swirling around like a debris in twister,

A Random Poem About My Day In The Life Of My Mind 1.3 (C) 4-27-09

So I’m super
Like trooper
Left in a stupor
Cause I was hit on the head
Like Koopa
More aroused then Bowser
Kidnap the Princess
While the P.I. just says Wowser
I found her

Moment Of Pride

Moment of pride

Now politicians realizeMoment of pride

Now politicians realize
It was show blitz
The surgical strike was master stroke
Even though Pakistanis have taken it as joke

Military does job under orders from government

As Winter Raged

Winter was at war.
Her subterfuge:
Crumble grey-white flakes upon the scene.

The air, dead;
Dead too, the sound –
Blunted by the whitewash.
Motion, dead –
Bluing chill saw to that.

A Poem For Our Juvies

The story of my uncle Fritz
is made up of so many bits
it started with the age of zits
then followed fifteen rowdy kids
who played with strangers, getting nits
and in the morning ate hot grits.
He drove a car named Opel Blitz
and crashed it, giving him the shits
he's dead but the description fits.

Athena - Teiresias

Absolutely naked, to the splashings of Hippospring surrendered
high up on Helikon in the very flaming summer's midday
the goddess did not noticed the accursed
approaching the distance secure for voyerism
not intimidated by the shining divine halo.
The young girls oft ascending the mountain there up
herding their flocks
whose mortal beauty had herself admired much
lined she up in her memory devout.
'The imprudent insulter', her utterance surprised


Thousands of thousands people
Among the thousands of rows
Waiting for the entry to the show
Of blitz, glamour and corruption.

The first rows are for the VIPs
The middle ones are for the sycophants
As I am neither of them
So my row is the last one.

Breitmann As An Uhlan.

GOTTS blitz! blau Feuer, potz bomben Tod!
Vot shimmers in de mitnacht roth?
Like hell-shtrom boorst o'er heafen's plain,
Trowin dead light on eart acain:-
Ja! - wide im nord om Odin shtone
Lies a shiant form im glare alone.
Troonk py de eis-kalt roarin shdream
Der Hans ish hafe ein wunder tream.

Troonk om haunted Odinstein

Mademoiselle In The Blitz

She wore her pink dress 'cause it fits.
then the sirens announced the big Blitz.
On the way to the cellar
she ran into a feller
He then helped her because of her tits.

Took her arm and he felt her left tit
as a first-born and well-brought up Brit
he had never felt such
velvet warmth to the touch


Affluenza is the new affliction.
It is a fact, not fiction.
Everyone has increased his pace
To join the rat race.

Credit cards and banks offer loans
On the telephone.
Car, home on EMI
At your earliest you must buy.

Fire Painting With Water

Not from sky, from the art of nature,
i drove my grooves to flow with time!
I'm filled in the crisp crystals with care,
i have that purity darkness is ashame of!

Never i sleep, though u know i breathe it,
i cling to my feet in feverish sleep!
But now through a window i deter to leap,
its bars project me still more to sweep!

Take Me Back

If I could invent a Time Machine,
I know where it would rest,
Back into the Seventies,
Where music was at it's best.

The Sweet were having a Ballroom Blitz,
While we were having fun,
The Thin Lizzy Boys were back in town,
While Wings were a Band On The Run,