“hammering In The Hills” Poem by Ben Gieske

“hammering In The Hills”

Rating: 3.3

A gift to us was given
in the blitz build of 1997.
His visit in a portrait well preserved..
His cause for us he came to serve.

He came with but one aim
from the peanut plains of Georgia.
He came houses to frame
in the eastern foothills of Berea.

He came with a friendly smile,
in awe of the views and scenes,
inviting all to join in helping
with the cause of Habitat Humanity.

He came with carpenter’s apron,
a pencil stuck behind his ear,
in work clothes of blue and jean
where Habitat Humanity was plainly seen.

He came to join the quilt of helping hands
sawing wood and hammering nails,
skills long practiced in this Appalachian land,
in the hollows and valleys of up and down hills.

His visit was too short
words exchanged with happy faces
weaving stories of history
past, present and to be.

His aim was true
as sweat he drew
and lines he sawed
to see a family’s dream come true.

Elysabeth Faslund 26 June 2007

I've never read this about Carter. Glad you clued me in. It's nice to see him like that...as you painted this picture so well. See how easy it is to paint/write? And you keep, keepin on! ! xxElysabeth

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Robert Howard 07 August 2007

Jimmy Carter is, in my opinion, our greatest ex-president. It is a shame that the insane turn of events in Iran marred his administration

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John Tiong Chunghoo 02 November 2007

it reads like an elegy, so sad. tears ben.

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Tom J. Mariani 15 December 2007

I agree with the other comments. From what I've read Jimmy's much more than a photo-op. or a careful push on a gilded shovel. Your poem does him justice. Tom

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Ivor Hogg 25 April 2008

A much underated honest president

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Ron Flowers 02 August 2009

A very fitting tribute to a decent man. He is by far the best x-president we have ever had. Ron

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Meggie Gultiano 02 March 2009

Dear Ben..i have had the rare opportunity to work with him hand in hand when he came here in our country to help build a house and we were there, with my nun Aunt.He is a very humble person, and always have that big smile.. Thank you for this great tribute to him.. Hugs, Meggie

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Reshma Ramesh 07 December 2008

nice dedication...............well narrated

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Dorothy- A. Holmes 15 November 2008

Ben, I love this tribute to Jimmy Carter...thank you. Dorothy

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Egi David Perdana 30 October 2008

it's a good poems, the words is powerfull

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