Athena - Teiresias Poem by dimitrios galanis

Athena - Teiresias

Absolutely naked, to the splashings of Hippospring surrendered
high up on Helikon in the very flaming summer's midday
the goddess did not noticed the accursed
approaching the distance secure for voyerism
not intimidated by the shining divine halo.
The young girls oft ascending the mountain there up
herding their flocks
whose mortal beauty had herself admired much
lined she up in her memory devout.
'The imprudent insulter', her utterance surprised
and as a blitz came out her lips the verdict:
''Henceforth let his pace be led only by the crutch.''

Athena - Teiresias
Sunday, December 27, 2015
Topic(s) of this poem: belief,mythology,sin
Μy translation [27.12.2015]of my greek poem Αθηνά-Τειρεσίας [19.9.2015].
Souren Mondal 03 February 2016

My knowledge of the Greek Classics is (shamefully) limited to reading Sophocles' wonderful Theban plays, and some Aristotle and Plato.. But even in that Tiresias, to me personally, is an amazing figure, who in Eliot's 'The Waste Land' says that he had 'foresuffered' it all... Neither a man, nor a woman, blind, crippled - hindered from every aspect of human existence - and yet the Prophet - the wisest of the all... Fascinating, just like your reworking of the myth as a short poem.. These myths are a wonderful document of a glorious history of rich culture.. Thank you for sharing Dimitrios.

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Dimitrios Galanis 03 February 2016

This is an aspect of the myths conserning Teiresiaw.In other poets, tragedians it is Hera who blinds him.The greatness with the greek civilization and myths was that there were no priests to decide upon the dogma of a religion.Muyths were a matter left to poets to invent new aspects.That is why the greeks were in a sence atheists.And that is why democracy was estamblished on Greece.Gods and priests have no role in the state.It were the citizens and all of them to decide, even from mycenean times 1400-1600d.d.

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Kelly Kurt 27 December 2015

An amazing poem, my friend. I assume it lost a little in the translation but it still remained powerful

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Dimitrios Galanis 28 December 2015

No words can express my obligation for your encouraging comments.

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Dimitrios Galanis 27 December 2015

There are limits we have not to overpass unless we do not regard imprudence, insult, hybris as shameful to us.

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dimitrios galanis

dimitrios galanis

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