Affluenza Poem by Mamta Agarwal


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Affluenza is the new affliction.
It is a fact, not fiction.
Everyone has increased his pace
To join the rat race.

Credit cards and banks offer loans
On the telephone.
Car, home on EMI
At your earliest you must buy.

Malls everyday multiply
It’s a question of demand and supply.
24/7 advertising blitz,
Decisions makers are the kids.

A very dear friend
In a moment of weakness confessed,
Retail therapy is worth a try
When low, it gives a high.

With life style diseases young are down,
Lament doctors with a frown.
The only cure is to simplify,
If at a ripe old age you want to die.

Sreelekha Premjit 30 July 2008

The craze for money is the new disease throttling the lives of the young and old the world ove. Though man will always crave materialistic possessions it is surprising how money is placed above everything else these days.

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Sathyanarayana M V S 25 July 2008

'a rat race' indeed. Those days of 'simple living and high thinking' have gone. An eyeopener to all. sathya narayana

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Deepti Agarwal 15 July 2008

Yes true you are.... how materialistic v r turning into..... i really liked the second last line here... 'simplify' is'nt that what we all r in search of..yet v run into being just materialistic n forgets humanity... a lovely thought provoking write. :) ... there is a need to wake up....

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Raj Nandy 12 May 2008

I had started to write a poem on similar lines and left it incomplete! Good I did so, since you have effectively conveyed what I wanted to say! In todays materialistic world, things which we had learnt to cherish, value and love, - have all been lamentably devalued! I can only pity this soul less times! Raj Nandy 12 May 08

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