Peace from the northern wind that swept across Barada River.
As long as that wind sweeps, tears would be everlasting upon Damascus.
I excuse from all pens and rhymes if couldn't express the matter.
About its disaster catastrophic events, the pen couldn't describe.
Its reminiscence on my heart still is glimpsing.
My heart palpates and never can forget it.
The catastrophic event you complain and suffer.
Resulted into, the pain of my heart on its deep wound.
I inter Damascus when the dusk overlaps.

Are All Poets Mad?

Are all poets mad?
That's the question, to be had
Maybe posed by Shakespeare (As well he might
in Winter's Night.)

But Robert Burton had the answer.
Yes, they are for certain.
And all others who inhibit this sphere
Are mad as well It's clear.

Ode To The Oysters Of Apalachicola

These ugly looking lumps of calcium carbonate,
Unlike their cousins that collectors take.
Have a name known far and wide
As Apalach Oysters. ‘Tis said with pride.

No other Oysters hold a candle,
To those grown in Florida's panhandle.
The Bay's are large ‘n sweet;
Known at the Bar as Nature's treat.

Facing The Sea With Spring Blossoms 面 朝 大 海 , 春 暖 花 开

Facing the sea with spring blossoms

    By Hai Zi

From tomorrow on,
I will be a happy man;
Grooming, chopping,
and traveling all over the world.
From tomorrow on,
I will care foodstuff and vegetable,

Hunger Waltz

In 1868 the famous Austrian musician
Johann Strauss II composed the "Tales
from the Vienna Woods", Opus 325,
one of his six ingratiating waltzes.
A sublime musical triumph, it became
an inseparable part of the pleasures of
life in the joyous and romantic Austrian

However, as far as I am concerned,

The Bazaar

The Bazaar

I was born in a dot
-dot, spot, called: "Iran"
- (some may say: "Persia! ")

To me, as I have seen
-the words are animals
-they live and do evolve.

Dreams Of Last Night

Dreams of last night

Too tired
-hit the sack early for
-One of my longest nights
-had dream
-of father
-in a part
-and a child
-in other

Must Hate Finch

Must hate Finch

Went to help a friend
-disastrous funny day,
-marvellous encounters…

"Drop me right here…"
-I told him when over.

"I won't go till I end…"

From The Very Beginning

I am taking shelter of You only
And You can only give me relief
From all fear and from You
I have received this life.

I know You have made my entry
In to my mother's womb
Through the particle of my father's semen
And from the very first night
The sperm and ovum mixed


Fool's paradise-
This world.

Go not with
Foolery, dear men.

Show not foolhardiness,
And embrace not
Anything foreign.

# Business Is Not Easy #

Just embarked in a restaurant business

I Thought at first it was just an easy venture

To hired people to cook scrumptious foodstuff

Where customers like to buy and enjoy the meal.

Haiku On Japanese Food

foodstuff of Japan
reduces the body weight
mystic formula


Some Acrostics In Triplets

6 Man

Most brainy species
Also inquisitive crazies
Noted 'yes, no'entities

7 Old

Joy Of Being Here [revised]

A wonderful day with rusks, sugared chocolate, wafers,
passing out repeatedly - yet glorious with life; suddenly
I talk like an organ again, fast and furious, no stopping
for breath - driving like a fiend, swerving right and left

Knowing expensive BMW’s will take flight - music at full
volume in the office to drown interminably loud gurgled
exclamations of my bubbling colleague – and I sang while
entering and leaving the building

Workless Future

Workless Future

We are fast approaching the time when robots
can do 98% of the work, the middle classes will disappear
altogether; and here is where a universal pay will
kick in someone has to buy what robots make.
But if you think you will get a pay packet every month
you are mistaking it will be in the form of stamps you
can use to buy foodstuff and the more expensive things you
buy, the more stamps are used.

The New Societry

A new society

Is Brexit more than Brexit
a dream of going back in time
when everything had a human dimension?
To physically eradicate the royalty
to take back thousands of acres stolen
by the aristocracy.
Leaving the cities as a bird sanctuary
go back to the land, a homestead with

*907 Stay As Sweet As You Are (Ghazal)

Excuse me asking - 'Does he take - Sugar? '
'Would he like on lump or two of - Sugar? '

Cornflakes? I'm afraid we're out of Sugar
The ration? Just two ounzes of Sugar.

To make the medicine go down - Sugar
To coat a very bitter pill - Sugar

A simple disaccharide - that's Sugar

By The Tails - Lincoln Park Zoo

Howler monkeys are monkeys who
Know how and when to use their tails
Here at home in Lincoln Park Zoo
When opportunity avails.
On tree limbs the keepers hang out
Feeder bins positioned so that
Getting down to goodies no doubt
Required skills of an acrobat.
Each monkey tail wrapped 'round each branch,
Allowed them to swing low enough,


Perfidy is a fly
That simulates salmonella
Landing lazily on a stinking sty like a tragedy
With neither parachute nor umbrella

Contaminating any foodstuff
Its feet touch from any hair branches as its tentacles
Release bacilli with enough
Virulence in circles

Dubai - A City Of Humanity In Unity!

As I walked, everywhere
I saw labourers atop some buildings with safety helmets
I saw them working at construction sites with diligence.
I saw unity in humanity.

As I walked, everywhere
I saw people of many nationalities rushing to workplaces
I saw them standing anxiously at the traffic signals
I saw unity in humanity.