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October 3rd,2018

I am not a politician, take my apology
But only trying to maintain an ideology!
What is that? Not politics. not religion
It is to go back to older civic civilization! !

We were civilized in the state of nature
Rationality controlled human character!
Now our heavyweight on earth mother
Jeopardized conditions with bad weather! !

State of nature will not come on a sudden
For that, for the divinity, we need a plan!
First step is to hands on, for growing trees
For natural agriculture, natural breeze! !

We have to control sex for the best remedy
To make just one or two children in a family!
More trees, more domestic animals we need
To go back 7 thousands years ago, we need! !

No more modern medicine and weapon
No more political gangster and destruction!
In order to deactivate all nuclear weapons
We require the last invention of few buttons! !

The knowledge of territorial rights will install
There will be no more greed, jealousy, immoral!
Such existed really but don't just look at the sky
It can happen if you hands on work and try! !

Everyday, for wrong life style, medicine we suffer
Foodstuff with chemicals and polluted smog air!
Lachrymal life, sudden deaths with infection, cancer
Religious peo

Wednesday, October 3, 2018
Topic(s) of this poem: educational,life,social behaviour
Kumarmani Mahakul 04 October 2018

This is very sensitive poem and thought provoking too. You are right. Everyday, for wrong life style and medicine we suffer a lot. We have to be careful for lifestyle. An amazing poem is excellently penned for awareness....10

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