The Bazaar Poem by Nassy Fesharaki

The Bazaar

The Bazaar

I was born in a dot
-dot, spot, called: "Iran"
- (some may say: "Persia! ")

To me, as I have seen
-the words are animals
-they live and do evolve.

"Charles Darwin's" Theory!

Bazaar is one of them
-from my language.

In a way it is same
-as "Go, fetch…"
-or maybe: "Come back with."

But today, it is cute,
-if not seen as funny!

Imagine you and me
-having been kind of fish,
-now, with legs and walking…
-exercising running and biking…

Bazaar is exact same
-verb is noun and a name
-for place to gather or purchase…

But Bazaar (the latter)
-has always been a weight
-in Iran's politics…

I recall the days of strike
-I opened small shop
-helped the poor and supplied
-eggs and rice, foodstuff
-given by my uncle
-who was part of Bazaar
-sent me loads with no charge!

As has been for too long
-in today's messy time
-once again, the bazaar
- (that has been, most of times
-leech, vulture, vampire)
-is leading a revolt
-in favour of no one
-though good for Donald Trump.

And Mullahs
- (these lying lawmakers)
-who make rules and divert
-many things of Koran)
-are very damn smart…

"Israel is given greenlight
-to attack Iran in Syria! "

They claimed and read well
-when Bolton travelled to Russia,
-met Putin, who is same as Trump
-but from Kremlin, in Moscow.

If mullahs are crazy-smart
-to read deep into cards
-when playing poker
-to read the foes' bluff
-have they not acted on
-what saw and realised?

Bazaar is when I was
-during Coup d'état
-that brought back the Shah.

Bazaar is where I was
-during strikes when the shah
-arrested Khomeini and exiled to Iraq.

Bazaar is where I did
-work as child and in jobs.
-We made mats and made hats.
-I worked where copper-ware
-was polished; the repaired the clay!

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