Facing The Sea With Spring Blossoms 面 朝 大 海 , 春 暖 花 开 Poem by Rachel Gao

Facing The Sea With Spring Blossoms 面 朝 大 海 , 春 暖 花 开

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Facing the sea with spring blossoms

    By Hai Zi

From tomorrow on,
I will be a happy man;
Grooming, chopping,
and traveling all over the world.
From tomorrow on,
I will care foodstuff and vegetable,
Living in a house towards the sea,
with spring blossoms.
From tomorrow on,
write to each of my dear ones,
Telling them of my happiness,
What the lightening of happiness has told me,
I will spread it to each of them.
Give a warm name for every river and every mountain, Strangers, I will also wish you happy.
May you have a brilliant future!
May you lovers eventually become spouse!
May you enjoy happiness in this earthly world!
I only wish to face the sea, with spring flowers blossoming

Hai zi wrote this poem in january 1989, but after 2 months, in the spring blossoms season, he killed himself by sleeping on the train track.haizi's death cast a cloud on this light-hearted and happy poem.Haizi wrote his poems with his soul and he aspired to listen to an echo which is far away from the earthly world.He used all his life to free from the earthly world, he wanted to surpass the reality and achieve his ideals. It was a tough period in 1980s.The status of poet was not trusted by people, and haizi was against by traditional literature group as he was in the Chinese pioneer's literature group.But the
failure of love was one of the important causes of his suicide.

面 朝 大 海 , 春 暖 花 开

海 子

    从 明 天 起 , 做 一 个 幸 福 的 人
    喂 马 , 劈 柴 , 周 游 世 界
    从 明 天 起 , 关 心 粮 食 和 蔬 菜
    我 有 一 所 房 子 , 面 朝 大 海 , 春 暖 花 开
    从 明 天 起 , 和 每 一 个 亲 人 通 信
    告 诉 他 们 我 的 幸 福
    那 幸 福 的 闪 电 告 诉 我 的
    我 将 告 诉 每 一 个 人
    给 每 一 条 河 每 一 座 山 取 一 个 温 暖 的 名 字
    陌 生 人 , 我 也 为 你 祝 福
    愿 你 有 一 个 灿 烂 的 前 程
    愿 你 有 情 人 终 成 眷 属
    愿 你 在 尘 世 获 得 幸 福
    我 只 愿 面 朝 大 海 , 春 暖 花 开

Cigeng Zhang 31 May 2017

I Only Wish to Face the Sea, with Spring Flowers Blossoming – This line has become the signature of Hai Zi. I love the poem. But it is a big pity he died young at 25. Beautiful translation. Beautiful sharing. Thank you Rachel. “Live in this precious world The sun is strong Water waves gentle …”Hai Zi Remember Hai Zi.

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Catrina Heart 20 August 2009

Such a positive view nice one! ! ! ! ! ! ! 10+++++

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Ying Escalona 20 August 2009

a beautiful poem behind a sad story..thanks for sharing Rachel

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