The Abyss Of Drug Addiction

In a wayward adventure in curiosity —
lured away from savvy of cooler judgment,  
he oversteps the bounds of reality 
into a state of altered awareness.

Overwhelmed by a rapid beginning of
a buzzing sensation — The Rush;
emanating from deep inside him,  
surging along the veins streaming 

You Do Anything.......

You do anything you like
Go on roof top and shout with mike
Create scarcity and price you hike
Nothing can stop you to look alike

It is one and al the same
Playing role of life as part of the game
No lament but excuses offer lame
Earn livelihood along with the fame

Villanelle: The Psychological Hour

I had over prepared the event,
that much was ominous.
With middle-ageing care
I had laid out just the right books.
I had almost turned down the pages.

Beauty is so rare a thing.
So few drink of my fountain.

So much barren regret,

Poetic Sense -1 (Translation)

Although the human mind has been divided into conscious, subconscious and unconscious today, yet the man had already been existing and his mind, too. Freud was of the view that he did not exactly invent the idea of unconscious mind because poets and philosophers were already familiar with it. He said that he had only presented its theory in psychological terms. According to Freud, the poetry comes into existence on account of regression and sublimation of unsatisfied longings. On regression of these conscious desires, the subcoscious and uncoscious minds apparently become symbols of sabotage but on sublimation they transform into creative subconscious and creative uncoscious respectively. It is either as the peaceful use of neuclear energy or as to irrigate the far flung barren lands from a large dam. When Plato said that even an expert of Poetic Technique could not create great poetry without intuitive insanity, he wanted to say that the poet could not depend on his conscious mind only because the source of superior creations is afterall the unconscious, the backyard of mind. Since then people have been considering the poets to be abnormal. You may call it insanity or licentiousness or poetic spell or revelation or intuition or poetic inspiration. On the other hand, a genius who is also seen at the last footstep of conscious, mostly depends upon his intuition. Therefore he is also considered to be abnormal. A litrary genius seldom turns to be normal but as a human being his best creative faculties operate during the most normal moments of his life. These are intellectual moments indeed. The analysis of revelation or intuition shows that it operates in two modes. In first mode, a totally untouched thought steps into conscious all of a sudden. It is usually considered similar to electric lightning. Therefore poets, mistics, even scientists, all are aware of it. While the second mode is more common which is also understood by people having non creative mind. This is called productive thinking and it is placed second to intuition. For example, a forgotten name or face or event comes into conscious suddenly during half-asleep. The first mode is related to unconscious while the second mode is related to subconscious. The subconscious is more important in both. In first mode, the unconscious is raised upto the level of subconscious. While in the second mode subconscious is itself a source of information. First mode is usually named as Poetic Inspiration while second as Poetic Imagination. A stream of thoughts begins to flow from subconscious towards conscious in both modes. Where in a trance-like state, the creator and his creation become two peas in a pod. At the end of the process when he observes his creation for the first time, it is no more a part of his subjective process but now he studies it objectively and makes modifications and additions in it. Thus he observes his creation as its first listener and critic, and tries to analyse what he has listened during intuition. In the first mode creative unconscious is responsible for the subjective process and creative conscious is resposible for the objective one. Likewise in the second mode creative subcoscious is responsible for the subjective process and creative conscious is responsible for the objective one. The creative conscious comes into existence by mastering the Poetic Technique. In fact, the functions of creative unconscious, creative subconscious, and creative conscious are so intercombined that they can not be isolated from one another. They are collectively known as Poetic Sense. In general terms Poetic Technique, Poetic Imagination and Poetic Inspiration are collectively called Poetic Sense.

Robert Murray Smith


When we log into PH we look out for friends
Especially those who have carved new trends

Robert Murray Smith has been a trend-setter
Impressive was his writing unique every letter

No idea when he opened the door and left
We were taken aback as it was like a theft


Our love is mixed with algae...
It is tasted with salt.
It is the first fruit of a great struggle for our freedom...
Our love,
Sometimes like a spring breeze....
Sometimes like a hurricane....

We can see the green waves crashing
And cooling the sand....

*****birth Of A Verse

In the aqueous placenta
Of Psychological
Feminine vitality,
The shapeless feotus
Of my virgin desire
Begins to materialize
Nourished by the
Quintessential love
Flowing from your verse!

Psychological Warfare

This above all remember: they will be very brave men,
And you will be facing them. You must not despise them.

I am, as you know, like all true professional soldiers,
A profoundly religious man: the true soldier has to be.
And I therefore believe the war will be over by Easter Monday.
But I must in fairness state that a number of my brother-officers,
No less religious than I, believe it will hold out till Whitsun.
Others, more on the agnostic side (and I do not contemn them)
Fancy the thing will drag on till August Bank Holiday.

A Divine Motherhood

I had no answer for her seeking motherhood
The storm was expected as it was likelihood
The desire was so intense that it almost made me to sink
I sat motionless and eyes remained static without any blink

It is blessing from God to attain body perfection
It can be had only after rendering some satisfaction
Why does this question arise when there is sudden urge or indication?
Why does woman demand after feeling so much suffocation?


Fear of seeing a police car pull into the drive.
Fear of falling asleep at night.
Fear of not falling asleep.
Fear of the past rising up.
Fear of the present taking flight.
Fear of the telephone that rings in the dead of night.
Fear of electrical storms.
Fear of the cleaning woman who has a spot on her cheek!
Fear of dogs I've been told won't bite.
Fear of anxiety!

Cry For Humanity

One more cry for humanity
In same world created by almighty
Worship place attacked by terrorists
God only knows what do they like to insist?

One thing is certain
They want to maintain
Psychological fear in mind
As they have gone blind


It is a repose in the light,
neither fever nor languor,
on a bed or on a meadow.
It is the friend neither violent nor weak.
The friend.
It is the beloved neither
tormenting nor tormented.
The beloved.
Air and the world not sought.

Et Dona Ferentes

In extended observation of the ways and works of man,
From the Four-mile Radius roughly to the Plains of Hindustan:
I have drunk with mixed assemblies, seen the racial ruction rise,
And the men of half Creation damning half Creation's eyes.

I have watched them in their tantrums, all that Pentecostal crew,
French, Italian, Arab, Spaniard, Dutch and Greek, and Russ and Jew,
Celt and savage, buff and ochre, cream and yellow, mauve and white,
But it never really mattered till the English grew polite;


Worry is a growth upon the mind:
A parasite – a tick or mite; a nick,
A churning gut – metaphors combined,
Rotting down a delicate constitution.

Anxiety, an intumescent whore:
A siren for a metastatic state;
Psychological rent – a weeping sore.
Hopelesly, you die for restitution.

A Dream

a dream
an illusion?

a dream
an illusion of delusion?

a dream
an illusion in delusory delusion?

a dream


(dedicated to Manga lovers)



Love Without Love - Wael Moreicheh

love love love without love but love
love in midnight love in any time or place without any place
love through light and heart of the nymphs of the sea
love and some of realism also existence
love and storm of leaves with papers of love
love in bed of love who need more divine lady
love dreams through love



You shall not taste of death
For there is no death for you:
You cannot experience
Your own death.

Are you born?
Life and death
Cannot be separated.
You have no chance whatever
Of knowing for yourself

Black Rain: From Hiroshima To Nagasaki

We dropped the Bomb
though we apologized.
Said we’re sorry
in solid cold cash.
Couldn’t do better
radiant improvised.
Skin-graft surgery.
Medical emergency aid.
Is ground funded in cash.

Life Is Terribly Absurd

All I have done otherwise today is worry and fret.
As for if there's any space in my mind and soul for good dreams yet.
I don't know what has confiscated me to this psychological debt.
But it is a trap I wish I could forget.

I can't believe what terrible things are living rent free in my mind.
I wish that I could get rid of them for once and final and all the time.
Because I am not sure if I will be able to speak another word, I have to rhyme.
To make sure that I can still tell something and not become a mime.