A Divine Motherhood Poem by Mehta Hasmukh Amathaal

A Divine Motherhood

Rating: 4.8

I had no answer for her seeking motherhood
The storm was expected as it was likelihood
The desire was so intense that it almost made me to sink
I sat motionless and eyes remained static without any blink

It is blessing from God to attain body perfection
It can be had only after rendering some satisfaction
Why does this question arise when there is sudden urge or indication?
Why does woman demand after feeling so much suffocation?

It is not easy to feel pulse of psychological mind
You may go for easy way out or try to find
The real crux of problem to have some escape
Try to think fresh and give it a complete reshape

Is it strong feeling to come and take shape of little child?
Why does she agree for total forgiveness and go very mild?
Is it divinity call to be responded by her with greater responsibility?
Is it not the genius call emerging from within to be followed with ability?

I read between lines the strong urge and decided to act
It was no game of love or hate but simple act to react
Why was that intense feeling for bearing a soul in womb?
Why initially I thought it like explosives used in bomb?

She had her own reasons to express true form
She was attached to earth loved creation like earthworm
It was in fact her womb that longed for some lively space
There was nothing new in her mental agony like mad race

She was expected to think on general lines of all mothers
She had followed family patters consisting of sisters and brothers
I bowed my head in respect to her wishful thinking
It saved me from negative thought and sinking too

What did she whisper in my ears when I was too close?
“I want junior man in my lap with same pose”
What an ideal thinking when she was really in turmoil?
Heart and mind at daily clash with mind ready to boil

“I feel jealous for being your close friend”
“I see in it as new beginning and not the end
Let stars and moon shine in their own sphere!
Why we should not acclaim our feat without any fear?

I couldn’t believe my eyes but saw the bright shine
She was perfect model with eyes so beautiful and fine
I was to deliver her happiness for divinity call
It was just to take me to sky without further fall

warner treuter 26 April 2010

Lots and lots of thought here, concise, some of it, i think, even outside of my scope.

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Elna Mercado 28 March 2010

You understood what go through the emotional make up of women.....beautiful!

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Debzbee Johnson 17 March 2010

I really like this one. It is very emotional indeed.

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Giorgos Vlachos 15 March 2010

Good morning from Greece.

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wild forest- E- 12 March 2010

i like it..... could feel alot of your pain and anger. very moving.

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