Black Rain: From Hiroshima To Nagasaki Poem by Terence George Craddock (Spectral Images and Images Of Light)

Black Rain: From Hiroshima To Nagasaki

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We dropped the Bomb
though we apologized.
Said we’re sorry
in solid cold cash.
Couldn’t do better
radiant improvised.
Skin-graft surgery.
Medical emergency aid.
Is ground funded in cash.

Memory dedication burns
racial inflamed scorch scar.
Black ash devastation falls
assassinated civil public facts.
Japanese superb marshal arts
somatic sate skilled disciples.
Mystic mind merge mystify.
Discipline defensive army warriors
can’t demoralize kamikaze deny.

Black belt grade girths
achieved attainment ties.
To confront such expertise.
Still technologists terrifies.

You can manpower marshal
but cannot defensively defeat.
Even simple sifted atoms
which compose forfeit feet.
When atoms shattered split
winds shall suffuse blow.
On howling burning heat.
Shock wave will atomize melt
mash reinforced concrete.

Know we dropped A bomb
all past pristine history now?
Predominant today weren’t
awakened alive witness;
too see you take that bow.
Shame all shame encircle;
tremble shamed in defeat.
Values alter change fuse;
within tremendous heat.

Shame aroma smacks in air
aftermath stench salting burnt;
charred human pork meat.
Yet won’t feed radiant few.
Burnt beyond recognition;
embroiled in nuclear stew.
Reel foul hooked x-ray life.
Salve immune sago cells;
release pain porous life.

Black Rain ash rotten fell
cross ashen horizon’s ruin.

Split Flash instantly
vaporize every brain.
Leave agonized mained
survivors. Blind insane.
Bring sun descendent glory
golden sun emperor down.
Bring sun ascendent glory
nuke we shall do induce upon.
Japanese royal imperial crown.

There is no place to civilians go;
no place civilians; to safely run.
Today if proud city shall see
rise birth; of two flaming suns?
Modern math creation shall burn
scorch; innocent shelter earth.
History culture in shock seconds
rent vaporize; regenerative birth.
60% flash flame burns 30% fallen

debris dead. Still we have only.
Just extermination begun. ‘Little Boy’.
‘Fat Man’. Mere three days later.
Rise another Los Alamos sun. Burns.
Radiation sickness. It will cell tear.
Entire archaic governments apart.
Until military men are propped up.
With illusion of mighty atomic heart.
Unbombed cities saved pristine intact.

Reserved for accurate assessment
Army Air Force Agreed no kamikaze;
to leave cities Hiroshima Nagasaki
off nightly bombing raids target list.

J. Robert Oppenheimer
‘I am the destroyer of worlds’
at Target Committee at Los Alamos;
recommended large urban targets.
Blast Fall freed Black Rains
unleashed howling demons.
Escalation of repetitive nightmare;
froze innards civilian city organs.
Republic reap... thermonuclear weapons.

Amassed never to perpetrate.
Potential nuclear winter;
chills fuse dark fusion fate.
Escheat heritage flash feint;
disintegrates in abstained debate.
Growth opportunities lost;
in resource miscarried aggregate.
Political clouds previously;
obscured target judgement.

Sorry. For the Black Rains.

Remember scientific intent.
Several Japanese cities left
deliberately untouched;
by American predator night
bombing. Allowing a pristine
city control environment;
to measure scientific damage
caused by experimental;
terror weapon atomic bomb.

We dropped A bomb;
woe we occupation apologized.
Said we’re appeasement sorry;
salve solid cold clinical cash.
Couldn’t care cope do better?
Impoverished. Skin-graft surgery.
Miser misappropriated medical aid.
Immersed grounded funded cash.
America super power new world order.

Miser test observations memory burns;
racial rabid nuclear flu; graft scar.
American weapon of unleashed; mass
destruction; echo intimidates.
Radio Report Radio Tokyo
August 8 1945 described;
destruction observed in Hiroshima;
'Practically all living things,
human and animal, were literally seared to death, '

Hiroshima primary target;
first nuclear bombing mission;
August 6 1945; B-29 Enola Gay
to bomb city; B-29 The Great Artiste
carried what instrumentation?
Historic photography aircraft;
recording weapon deployment;
resulting mushroom cloud
explosion; B-29 Necessary Evil?

Sorry. For the Black Rains.

“The atomic bomb
was more than a weapon
of terrible destruction;
it was a psychological weapon. ”

Former U.S. Secretary of War,
Henry L. Stimson 1947. (Final definitive score?)

What was judgement in heaven?

Dwi Utami 08 August 2010

oh my God very great poem. This incident was very painful and sadness and all of us sad to japan but you creat this poem and we remember him as the past incident+10

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Juan Olivarez 24 March 2011

This poem is painful to read, maybe because you did not sugarcoat it at all it states the fact better than any politician ever could.

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Spiritual Seeker 12 August 2011

Slowly I went through the words....'In a world without rule and ethics, it is sunlight, even the rain is dark! ' Do we correct many wrongs with another bigger wrong? There is rule of law in peace and even in war! Killing woman, children, the weak and old people..animals and nature is certainly wrong, whichever sides did it. In the case of Japan, it was already very weak..and loosing, but then someone wanted to 'test a new weapon' on another. Good poem...important message for people in power!

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Ebi Robert 11 August 2011

Really a tough poem but i i thread it still.......................

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Eric Cockrell 10 August 2011

we falsely believe that we have the right to command life and death... all of life is sacred... violence doesnt solve problems, it creates them! good poem!

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William King 10 August 2011

So, we bombed Hiroshima and Nagasaki. It was all for the greater good. I saw nothing in the poem about Pearl Harbor and the surprise bombings done there. I saw nothing of the POW camps that held American soldiers hostage, nor did I read of the oppression of the Japanese on their own people here. I did see kamakazi, and how America agreed to not be stupid and waste war planes in suicide attempts. Sure, we bombed Hiroshima and Nagasaki; we also took Japanese Americans hostage during WWII, but all in retalliation of an attack that should not have been aimed towards us. It seems your poem is one sided and blindly shows only the devastating effects war caused for Hiroshima and Nagasaki. America's neutrality was tested. We just fired back.

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Hans Vr 09 August 2011

Dear Terence, Thanks for inviting to read this poem. Human barbarism exposed for generations to come to remember. I hope this poem becomes compulsory reading in many schools. Why now, more than 60 years later, we are still bombing? Why now, more than 60 years later we see still so many grueling, chilling images of voluntary destruction? Why now, more than 60 years after the summit of human barbarism, we have not become a bit less barbaric? I truly don't know why. Greed? Stupidity? Hatred? ....? ? ? And yet, I have to admit that I am hopeful, hopeful for the future. We have also so many examples of the other extremes and we have to keep writing about the other extremes as well and put them in the children's curriculums in school. Ghandi was showing us how to wage a war on the highest plane of non-violence (I just wrote a poem, blissful paradox, if you have time, please read) . Martin Luther King Junior another bright star in the night fought and won on the high plane of non-violence. Mother Theresa, Doctor Albert Schweizer and my favorite author, RW Emerson. We cannot forget all these fantastic persons. Why not all children learn the prayer of Francis From Assisi, supreme wisdom at its very best. Yes, Terence, we have to remind the world on how barbaric and disgusting human greed can descend into the deepest, lowest, darkest moments of history and equally we have to keep the supreme examples of unconditional love alive and multiplying. Wow, your poem provoked so many thoughts in me, I love poems that do that. Thanks again and best regards Hans

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