Aftertaste Poem by daubmir nadir


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You shall not taste of death
For there is no death for you:
You cannot experience
Your own death.

Are you born?
Life and death
Cannot be separated.
You have no chance whatever
Of knowing for yourself
Where one begins
And the other ends.

You can experience the death of another,
But not your own.
Where is death, there is no you.
The only death is physical death;
There is no psychological death.

Why then are you so afraid of death?
- Because there is no you.

T.k Owens 26 September 2006

woa...I never thought of it that way dude. It has me asking alot of questions and trying to think of all the answers.. But to me, the question it brings me back to is why people take death for-granted and why be afraid when death is only the beginning? Some great stuff righ' thare! Laterz!

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Preeti - is here! 05 September 2006

This is philosophy at it's best. Gosh, you've got me thinking, big time! Very well thought of poem, and very well written too. Preets

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trisha evensen 09 May 2006

I agree that is phylisophical however, the feeling I get is disappointment of humanity. Whatever it truly means, your poetry evokes deep emotion within my soul.

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Will Barber 08 May 2006

Gorgeous write - and philosophically sound. I read it, and disappeared.

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