*****birth Of A Verse Poem by Seema Aarella

*****birth Of A Verse

Rating: 3.7

In the aqueous placenta
Of Psychological
Feminine vitality,
The shapeless feotus
Of my virgin desire
Begins to materialize
Nourished by the
Quintessential love
Flowing from your verse!

Heart oozes sensuality,
Throbbing emotions,
Pigmented with Passion.
Infantile Stumbling
In my composition
Of Illegible words,
And I recline in your
Adoring arms
To learn love’s first alphabets!

Deependra Kumar Jha 12 October 2008

I appreciate the way you have chosen your words..like 'Quintessential love'. Loved the Birth of the Verse...!

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C T Heart 12 October 2008

Words were chosen so carefully to describe love's magical effect, great play of words...a 10.

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Richa Dhodi 12 October 2008

i really words which you have chosen in you poem.. something different. thanks for sharing. a 10 for it mam. My place girl :)

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Sathyanarayana M V S 12 October 2008

Seema this is a magical feat! Wow! Ihave no words to express. This melding of poetry with love, making love is exquisite.........best poem.

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Aijaz Asif 12 October 2008

in few words....another great write, thanks 10

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Rishi Menon 09 November 2008

You will definitely be remembered as one of the greatest poets that ever walked this earth. Seema, great poetry. I wish I could say more. My heart is full and my eyes mist and I cant see. Its that good. God keep you safe and sound. What talent. God, give her everything she aspires for, for this is clearly a great soul.

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premji premji 17 October 2008

i am wordless to thank u seema for these beautiful lines...

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Raj Nandy 13 October 2008

Seema, you have really given a great birth to a verse! -Raj Nandy

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Reshma Ramesh 13 October 2008

well this one was very deep and great! !

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Sulaiman Mohd Yusof 13 October 2008

Great piece Seema.Your learning has opened more versatile poems from you!

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