Let America Be America Again

Let America be America again.
Let it be the dream it used to be.
Let it be the pioneer on the plain
Seeking a home where he himself is free.

(America never was America to me.)

Let America be the dream the dreamers dreamed--
Let it be that great strong land of love
Where never kings connive nor tyrants scheme

Helen Of Troy Does Countertop Dancing

The world is full of women
who'd tell me I should be ashamed of myself
if they had the chance. Quit dancing.
Get some self-respect
and a day job.
Right. And minimum wage,
and varicose veins, just standing
in one place for eight hours
behind a glass counter
bundled up to the neck, instead of

The Phoenix Strangler

With promise of job,
he lured her into a cane field.
His gentleness a veil of sanity.
Lurking in his mind,
a perversion of sex instinct:
'Bind her! Torture her! Kill her! '

Deep within comfort zone
suddenly brandishing his bludgeon,
countenance wearing mercilessness -

Poem For A Poem

She asks me
What is a poem?

Her shapely nose,
Her lips like two slices of water melon,
Her eyes reflecting clear blue sky,
Her thick hair like dark grey clouds,
Her horizon-like forehead
Are poems.

Hymn To Pan

Thrill with lissome lust of the light,
O man ! My man !
Come careering out of the night
Of Pan ! Io Pan .
Io Pan ! Io Pan ! Come over the sea
From Sicily and from Arcady !
Roaming as Bacchus, with fauns and pards
And nymphs and styrs for thy guards,
On a milk-white ass, come over the sea
To me, to me,

Love Calls Us To The Things Of This World

The eyes open to a cry of pulleys,
And spirited from sleep, the astounded
Hangs for a moment bodiless and
As false dawn.
Outside the open window
The morning air is all awash with

Hero And Leander: The First Sestiad

On Hellespont, guilty of true-love's blood,
In view and opposite two cities stood,
Sea-borderers, disjoined by Neptune's might;
The one Abydos, the other Sestos hight.
At Sestos Hero dwelt; Hero the fair,
Whom young Apollo courted for her hair,
And offered as a dower his burning throne,
Where she should sit for men to gaze upon.
The outside of her garments were of lawn,
The lining purple silk, with gilt stars drawn;

~ I Want To Be Raped [1+14 Words Poetry] ~

~ I WANT TO BE RAPED [1+14 words poetry] ~
Ms. Nivedita
17April 17,2012

Note: ~It's written as protest to very steep/ engulfing rise of a global menace RAPE ~ niv

Paradise Lost: Book 01

Of Man's first disobedience, and the fruit
Of that forbidden tree whose mortal taste
Brought death into the World, and all our woe,
With loss of Eden, till one greater Man
Restore us, and regain the blissful seat,
Sing, Heavenly Muse, that, on the secret top
Of Oreb, or of Sinai, didst inspire
That shepherd who first taught the chosen seed
In the beginning how the heavens and earth
Rose out of Chaos: or, if Sion hill

~ Rupturing Hymen [a.K.A. Defloration] ~

Candle light oscillating
Luxing like amoeba
Silenced to actuate
Jus Primae Noctis
Poor just married Dona
Lying like log to
Endure engulf forced
Somatic n' psychic
Defloration harpooning
It's bonking by law. [Shame]

O Make Me A Mask

O make me a mask and a wall to shut from your spies
Of the sharp, enamelled eyes and the spectacled claws
Rape and rebellion in the nurseries of my face,
Gag of dumbstruck tree to block from bare enemies
The bayonet tongue in this undefended prayerpiece,
The present mouth, and the sweetly blown trumpet of lies,
Shaped in old armour and oak the countenance of a dunce
To shield the glistening brain and blunt the examiners,
And a tear-stained widower grief drooped from the lashes
To veil belladonna and let the dry eyes perceive

Tam O' Shanter

A Tale
"Of Brownyis and of Bogillis full is this Buke."
Gawin Douglas.

When chapman billies leave the street,
And drouthy neibors neibors meet;
As market days are wearing late,
And folk begin to tak the gate,
While we sit bousing at the nappy,
An' getting fou and unco happy,

A Death-Bed


This is the State above the Law.
The State exists for the State alone."
[This is a gland at the back of the jaw,
And an answering lump by the collar-bone.]

Some die shouting in gas or fire;
Some die silent, by shell and shot.

Chain Verse For The Unchained Creatures

Chain Verse For The Unchained Creatures
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - =

From beginning of 21st century
The animal planet what saw
The ever happened atrocity
Was not in ancient flock of sow,

Civilized themselves they do claim
Atrocious their aim and helms,

Rape Of The Wilderness

Rape Of The Wilderness
October 24, 2020

Rape to mother
Raped mother
Burning sex, indecent, nasty and corrupted society
Turned into wilderness
To cause all crimes, even a baby mother quite untimely
No civilization can guess;

The Rape Of The Lock

Part 1

WHAT dire Offence from am'rous Causes springs,
What mighty Contests rise from trivial Things,
I sing -- This Verse to C---, Muse! is due;
This, ev'n Belinda may vouchfafe to view:
Slight is the Subject, but not so the Praise,
If She inspire, and He approve my Lays.
Say what strange Motive, Goddess! cou'd compel
A well-bred Lord t'assault a gentle Belle?

Chaucer's Words To His Scrivener

Adam Scrivener, if ever it thee befall
Boece or Troilus for to write anew,
Under thy long locks thou may'st have the scall
But after my making thou write more true!
So oft a day I must thy work renew,
It to correct, and eke to rub and scrape;
And all is through thy negligence and rape.

~ Rape Ride Gizmo @ $ 2 ~

Ms. Nivedita
15 June 15,2012

[Dedicated to Dada* Dr. Subhendu Kar]

Voluptuous vulgars ogres
Invented programmed RRG
User's friendly for raper

Go Back

Go back' ordered emissary of Lord,
when brought to him tied in cord,
'Is this all you are send to perform'
with furious face and very heavy words

Still days left and time not ripe,
many more you to kill and also to wipe,
rape, arsen and loot with heavy foot,
also cold murder with heavy shoot,

Heinous Crime Rape

No crime is so heinous than rape
when caught in public then term it grape
What sort of society we plan to shape?
Can all these crimes be noted on tape?

So lovely and honorable name is called father
Holier than holy and still not bother
Is he not symbol of society or moral feather?
Can he be not termed as shame or blot either?