~ Rape Ride Gizmo @ $ 2 ~ Poem by MS. NIVEDITA BAGCHI SPC. UK.

~ Rape Ride Gizmo @ $ 2 ~

Rating: 3.3

Ms. Nivedita
15 June 15,2012

[Dedicated to Dada* Dr. Subhendu Kar]

Voluptuous vulgars ogres
Invented programmed RRG
User's friendly for raper
To penetrate and pound
Those zones of Urania
In feral ferine way with
Drooling voluptuousness
@ $ 2___ONLY__! ! (: [1]

@ $ 0 annexure program
Infixes icky sticky bruise burn
From licentious libertines. [2]

Make victims to learn-ail
Live with slimy piddle of
Male waste stigma
Inedible sanguine tattoos
Of canines claws chiseling
Noma on psyche soma
By wanton wolf raper to
Silently surely sighing
Voiceless weeping
Ouch ow whole life___ [3]

Is it gender biased macho boorish
Innovative Civilization? ? -^-^-^- [4]

* Elder Bro


Glossary: With humility glossary given for what I tried to express:
[1] Ogres: A giant who likes to eat human beings [folklore]
[2] Icky: Very bad
[3] Feral / Ferine: Wild and menacing
[4] Urania: Goddess of love
[5] Slimy: Morally reprehensible
[6] Piddle: Liquid excretory product
[7] Noma: Ulceration
[8] Ow: Expression of pain

Copyright reserved by author.

Theo Williams 27 June 2012

That was a very sharply expressed poem which engaged me with the pain and really made me feel sick (in a good way) . This vial act of specific (or any) violence toward women is horrible and your poem Ms Nivedita conspicuously dictates the pain that women feel. Impressive write, sublime, keep penning. :)

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Scotty Dogg 27 June 2012

I liked it. Unusual to the extreme which is always okay with me. Yes, I liked it. S.

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Dp Legaspi 28 June 2012

you paint landscapes with your words. it seems every line was clawing back with emotion. truly unique stuff.

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Irisa Salkic 28 June 2012

Well it is very well described in an appropriate manner and very well put together, although I was a little intrigued of how it doesn't quite rhyme yet goes really well. In that way to me it shows a vivid picture in my mind, although I can't understand entirely what the words mean, but the definitions of the words were helpful, everything a person needs to read and understand the poem, with all the works :) Very in depth and precise in what you put into it :) You are strongly against this and show such a horrible yet interesting perspective from the way others perceive it compared to yours. This is a pretty long comment, but I'm pretty open with what I mean and say :) So overall, awesome job! :)

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Narender Singh Bansal 26 June 2012

............................. . .... .

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Joseph Poewhit 11 July 2013

Walk on the wild side? ? ? ? ? ?

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Tony Karas 30 December 2012

Intense... and very disturbing, as, perhaps, it should be.

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Craig Mize 10 November 2012

I recieved your message to read this poem and as I sat down to begin to read I pictured this happening. This is a very deep and well written piece of art. I'm sorry that this had to happen to you, but I am so grateful that you gave the world the chance to see things from your eyes.

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So Close 11 September 2012

hi nivedita..i realy felt that the poem talks about some problems in our life but i am extremily sory to say that i too felt some difficulties to understand it... iam hapy to read ur poems, hope you will invite for reading ur next poem. »so close«

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Hilton Ball 18 July 2012

i dont know what you sead at all

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