There was only a note
on the living room door,
and in lipgloss she wrote
'I can't take it no more.'

I had seen it all written
on the dimly-lit wall,
if I hadn't been smitten
in the 'Y''s shower stall

Snot Funny

Perhaps you have wondered
or even yet, pondered
words pertaining to 'nose',
and the list, it just grows.
Consider this, then:
They start with 'sn'.

I have noticed that quite a few words pertaining to the nose (its function, appearance, and social connotations) begin with the letters SN.

With the help of your nose, you can SNEEZE, SNARL, SNICKER, SNORE, SNIFFLE, SNIVEL, SNUFFLE, SNORT, SNEER and SNIFF. There are probably others I have overlooked.

The Wholeness

- Inner Realm -

Thou wert in my mind as pristine unity,
One without second a non dual self,
Thou wert in every trying time of my mind,
With my breath thou flow and with no mind calm.
The beauty that lulled my mind thou nourish.
It is sober shrine that shoved me incised.
My hope rose and hopeless mite dismantled.


This poem is dedicated to all those who do cleaning
of one sort or another.

Some people look down at others
for the jobs they do
and if your one of them
here is warning just for you.
You may think you’re intelligent,
but I don’t think you are.

Halloween Epitaphs

Back Stabbing Betty haunted the cemetery
It was Halloween night and it really was scary

She saw Big Willie’s tombstone and wondered why
He had died this fatal death, she wanted to cry

Booger Eatin’ Nelda was lying there too
Never been kissed, hey, how about you?

Crazy Debby was truly a strange critter

Some People Just Want The Attention

You're too snooty,
For me to want your booty.
Scented fresh?
I could care less.
Your attitude is not perfumed!
And I quickly distanced myself from it...
When your presence filled the entire room.

You're too self assured!
And nothing is wrong with that.

Ph: Poetry Writing: Ode To An Unfinished Poem

I guess I don't know when a poem is done,
There's no bell that goes off, no starter's gun
Which signals to me a new poem's begun.

Although it may feel like a poem I've left,
I'm still never sure, maybe in a dark cleft
Of my soul, a neglected thought cries, bereft.

My poem, my child, to it I've a duty,
To not chose just one because it's a cutie,

Pj's Answer To Her Old College Career Counselor:

Yes, yes, I remember you,
Though not your name,
How do you do.
Me, I'm doing very well,
See my clothes,
Can't you tell?
You always had a snooty air,
You talked as if I wasn't there;
I was stoned at your Career Fair;
I couldn't stand all that hair-sprayed air;

Pj' Meets Her Old College Career Counselor:

Yes, yes, yes, I remember you,
Though not your name,
How do you do.
Me, I'm doing very well,
See my clothes,
Can't you tell?
You always had a snooty air,
You talked as if I wasn't there;
I was stoned at your Career Fair;
I couldn't stand all that hair-sprayed air;

A Gem

They say that she is a gem
A diamond in the rough,
While lacking all the social graces
Which some of us embraces;
She cries, 'I care not for that stuff.'

She is the unpolished gemstone
That has the potential to be a jewel,
Basically she is good hearted
But her good deeds cannot be charted;

Let Peace Begin My Friend: Are We There Yet?

It just them, ahem, Northwest fools
Lookin for a bigger font they can call their own
We got your protest radio
Your online malcontents hiding in DSL convents
Them fat white folk indignant indigenents
Feeling guilty for their white sodium salmon damns
Casting clams on CALA49A Saab snooty PDAs
But I don’t give dam
Whose gorge is Oregondered organically
It’z just the smell of a Washington nowhere man

In Praise Of My Lovely Dandelions

In Praise of my happy Dandelion

When I gaze beyond my garden gate my eyes
pause longingly, at the myriad of yellow crowns
that no one loves but me. Why did man begin a war
upon my yellow crowns? My gentle yellow dandelion,
means no harm at all. They do not hide nor creep away, thehold themselves with pride. The grazing cattle love them still
as do the bumblebees. The first bouquet laid at my
feet, wrapped in ribbons blue, stained from pollen
flowing free from the tender yellow crowns. Expensive

Write, Write, Write

Write in the language you dream in.
But this had never made sense
as far as I remember, I’ve never dreamt in nouns and verbs,
but always in huge boxes,
or dark abandoned malls,
or long flights
where my slippers are lost and my baggage,

Perhaps i should write in the language

Only The Best Restaurant Will Do....This Justice..

Dress up real fancy, go out to an upper crusty snooty place
where they pay attention to everything, but
dwell in nothing, and do this:
Strike up a very engaging conversation with your partner, when
the conversation and rimming is perfecta in all the
hush and quite, cut a greasy one, loud dramatic, with no intention other than to see how uppity crusties pretend
the bean soup is not really running down the skirt or pants.
Move the gluts around a little, kinda grind them into the
crushed velvet a little, the more riskkay the better, like some thing is clingy but just wont let go.

Pleasure Is Mine

Insperation is not a well to me
its my life the words so flippantly
passed with ease are to some
a bit choppy at sea.
Wells of words from the ancients
please me.
Lofty holed cheese I will squeeze
till its Cheddar indeed.
I myself am to inbred to be arrogant
snooty a snob.

Pretty, But Ugly

I knew a woman with a pretty face
I took her to church where we said grace,
She also had such beautiful hair
Which all day long at it I could stare.
She also had such a pretty dainty nose
When it wrinkled, I almost did propose,
Then when I looked into her eyes of green
I knew they were the most beautiful objects ever seen.
When at me she had sported her happy grin
I then knew that my life with her I would happily start again,

I Will Never Look At You The Very Same Way

I will never look at you the very same way
Either tomorrow or even the next day,
Nor next month or even next year
My eyes are now finally opened and clear.
Once I was blinded by your beauty
But, then I didn't see how you were vain and snooty,
And how different then you were when you posed
Maybe because then both my eyes were closed.
When I looked at you I then didn't see a liar
Instead I saw a woman who set my soul on fire,

Jury Duty

I am one of the twelve chosen to decide another man's fate
If charged with the crime, the judge then decides the date,
It will be up to us twelve to decide of innocence or guilt
Then either his freedom is given, or his gallows will be built.

Today I was chosen to serve on jury duty
With another's person's guilt or innocence, I won't be snooty,
I won't vote him as guilty, because someone's hungry or tired
Nor will I vote him as innocent, as though being paid as hired.

Dancing In The Dark

Driving in the moonlight, Cyd and Fred
embrace to strains of “Dancing in the Dark; ”
best way to get a girl into your bed
is drive her languorously through Central Park,
but if you’re in the mood far from Manhattan,
try singing in the rain, and make your move
dancing with her, and then wave your baton
in the bedroom, ready to make love.

Robert Berkvist writes the obituary for Syd Charisse, who died on June 17 in Cedars Sinai (“Cyd Charisse,886, Silken Dancer of the Movies, Dies, ” NYT, June 17,2008) :

She I Love

I don’t like doing the extra work of your soul,
Laying out tattoos for my fingers to needle on your thoughts,
The voluptuous insects secreted with your tears,
The menagerie which glows when you are in the dark,
But I am made of so many sharp things, myself,
And can not lounge for long after lunch,
When even the forests are a half naked harem the wind
Peruses like snooty women in the lingerie department,
And each mountain is a different woman rising up,
Each one I’d like to summit, to see the gold,