Ph: Poetry Writing: Ode To An Unfinished Poem Poem by Brian Johnston

Ph: Poetry Writing: Ode To An Unfinished Poem

Rating: 5.0

I guess I don't know when a poem is done,
There's no bell that goes off, no starter's gun
Which signals to me a new poem's begun.

Although it may feel like a poem I've left,
I'm still never sure, maybe in a dark cleft
Of my soul, a neglected thought cries, bereft.

My poem, my child, to it I've a duty,
To not chose just one because it's a cutie,
Or elevate one whose airs are too snooty.

A poem once true, it still had the right stuff,
To me it had value in times that were tough,
It is part of my past and that is enough.

A poem still true, well there's a small matter
Of pride to attend to, forget the chatter,
It's just part of my mind's endless clatter.

A poem once written is life I have saved,
And saving it, Your path to others I've paved
That might have just died by darkness enslaved.

Lord understand, I don't always feel stronger,
Live in fear, Your words won't come any longer.
This body of mine, it's not any younger.

Imperfect, I know that I'm daily sinning
But perfection is not Your take on winning,
Please forgive me thru this drama I'm spinning,

My perfection lies in readers You send me
My strength is revealed in weakness that all see
At last, in Your service, my soul truly free.

Sunday, April 13, 2014
Topic(s) of this poem: Poetry
Brian Johnston
April 13,2014

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Pradip Chattopadhyay 14 April 2014

when a poem is birthed, feels like it being done but yet unfinished. lovely write, Brian.

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Yash Shinde 14 April 2014

......I must appreciate the efforts you've put in rhyming, truly no one is perfect here, our success lies in our mistakes which often become visible in light....................this ode of yours is beautiful write, having wit and humor.......

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