Let Peace Begin My Friend: Are We There Yet? Poem by Alan Bender

Let Peace Begin My Friend: Are We There Yet?

It just them, ahem, Northwest fools
Lookin for a bigger font they can call their own
We got your protest radio
Your online malcontents hiding in DSL convents
Them fat white folk indignant indigenents
Feeling guilty for their white sodium salmon damns
Casting clams on CALA49A Saab snooty PDAs
But I don’t give dam
Whose gorge is Oregondered organically
It’z just the smell of a Washington nowhere man
Loadin up on Outlook spam and cheese
Seattle’s Best ain’t good enough
The donkey died and Carlos doesn’t pick here anymore
Mount Hood stood for something
Chief Joseph got his name from some mission minded
Big behinded teepee crawling preacher man
Ebay short list unseconded low bid auction fan
Invited to the I9V adventure exit van (return)
Filed in triplicate for papers to the xL Snooperbowl
Just to prove they tried
Took Amy Goodman for a ride on Soros gin
With left investment green mountain men
Oh if Kesey and the Farout Fuss Budget Trust
Still has a Big Rock Candy Fountain can
Let the We We Wooden
Shoes Red Wood Band begin
We’ll march off to war with hemp hats
Dr. Korvokian canons in our camera lens
Take a pot shot at the Livermore Livingstem
Nuclear shooting star
And here we are
Back from around the bend
It just us and them, two East West fools again

Ivan Donn Carswell 30 October 2006

I think you've arrived. Welcome to Earth!

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Somehow, you manage to maintain (on the part of the reader) total intrigue whilst laughing the socks off!

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Will Barber 02 May 2006

This is truly demented. I like that.

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