Afrasiab khan

Afrasiab khan Poems

1. We Come To Know 6/7/2008
2. Where Are We Going? 6/7/2008
3. Leading To Victory 6/8/2008
4. Dreams 6/25/2008
5. Crying Bird 6/25/2008
6. City Of Dreams 6/25/2008
7. Come Here 7/13/2008
8. The Unknown Guy. 8/3/2008
9. The End Of Life 8/3/2008
10. Someone I Saw 9/13/2008
11. Something Behind The Hill's 9/13/2008
12. Alexender The Great 12/28/2008
13. As Far As I Know 1/10/2009
14. The Only One 1/10/2009
15. Talking Of You 1/10/2009
16. The World As I See It 1/25/2009
17. Let It Go 2/15/2009
18. When It Opens 2/22/2009
19. Chowders Life 3/5/2009
20. Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled 3/7/2009
21. The Long Walk 3/7/2009
22. I Have Reached Twenty 3/9/2009
23. Try It Once 3/9/2009
24. My Friend 3/18/2009
25. Do You Like It? 3/19/2009
26. Sun Flower 3/19/2009
27. The True Light 3/19/2009
28. Merriam’s Life 3/19/2009
29. The Anger Of Cloud's 2/22/2009
Best Poem of Afrasiab khan

The Anger Of Cloud's

Sometimes they are pleasant
With both sun and the cresant
Their colour is comfortable to the eyes
For us they are given as a prize

Sometimes it rain in a ganourous way
Not making anyone it's pray
They cahnge their color to black
As if the comfortibility will not come back

Now they are angry
They will collide like spanish bull's
Making a thunder noise
And making everyone it's pray.

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We Come To Know

We come to know all things we see
We come to know all things we do
The best thing we come to know
Is about our selves when
We grow.

Our mind is what we need
To know about things
As the flowers in springs
Grow as high as they can


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