Agha Shahid Ali

(4 February 1949 – 8 December 2001 / New Delhi / India)

Agha Shahid Ali Poems

1. A History Of Paisley: 6/16/2012
2. K. L. Saigal 6/16/2012
3. Land 6/16/2012
4. Prayer Rug 6/16/2012
5. Of Light 6/16/2012
6. Taxidermist 6/16/2012
7. Stationery 6/16/2012
8. Storm 6/16/2012
9. Learning Urdu 6/16/2012
10. Shaving 6/16/2012
11. Snowmen 6/16/2012
12. Ghazal 6/16/2012
13. Tonight 6/16/2012
14. I See Chile In My Rearview Mirror 1/20/2003
15. Even The Rain 1/20/2003
16. The Wolf's Postcript To 'Little Red Riding Hood' 1/20/2003
Best Poem of Agha Shahid Ali

The Wolf's Postcript To 'Little Red Riding Hood'

First, grant me my sense of history:
I did it for posterity,
for kindergarten teachers
and a clear moral:
Little girls shouldn't wander off
in search of strange flowers,
and they mustn't speak to strangers.

And then grant me my generous sense of plot:
Couldn't I have gobbled her up
right there in the jungle?
Why did I ask her where her grandma lived?
As if I, a forest-dweller,
didn't know of the cottage
under the three oak trees
and the old woman lived there
all alone?
As if I couldn't have swallowed her years before?

And you may call ...

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My ancestor, a man
of Himalayan snow,
came to Kashmir from Samarkand,
carrying a bag
of whale bones:
heirlooms from sea funerals.
His skeleton
carved from glaciers, his breath arctic,
he froze women in his embrace.

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