Aidan Cost

Rookie - 355 Points [Easycore Aidan] (Born 22/08/1995 / The United Kingdom)

Aidan Cost Poems

1. Afternoon Brunch 1/16/2015
2. Just A Couple Of Dorks, Laying In Bed. 4/3/2015
3. 2k15 Election, A Short Summary 5/4/2015
4. Cut The Cord 5/20/2015
5. British Establishment. 6/8/2015
6. Love & Loss 9/12/2015
7. Nihilism (Short) 2/22/2016
8. Another Tea Party 7/14/2014
9. Une Autre Partie De Thé 9/3/2014
10. Walk On By 9/20/2014
11. Paper And Glue 4/24/2014
12. A House Of Matches 1/16/2015
13. I Promise You. (Dark) 4/24/2014
14. Kingdom 11/3/2013
15. The Phonecall Generation 9/20/2014
16. Love Like Water 4/1/2015
17. Canyon 2/27/2015
18. Best Mistake I Ever Made 3/7/2015
19. 21st Century 'Love' 10/4/2014
20. The Violet Skies 8/15/2013
21. Stranger. 9/3/2014
22. Blind 3/23/2015
Best Poem of Aidan Cost


I feel trapped in my own company,
That's a rather dark place to start,
As though the loneliness is a tragedy,
Slowly decaying the stitches in my broken heart,
I didn't ask for this aching condition,
Nor was this formed of my own actions or rendition.
But still I decay, day by day,
Feeling unworthy of the space i occupy,
I want to tell you 'I'm not okay'
But i don't want to be that guy,
Though you sowed the seeds of my demise,
Tears don't fall from your eyes.
I guess i should have seen that coming,
I guess i should have seen that coming.

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Another Tea Party

You fall apart like empty leaves,
Yet in the land where nature breathes,
You set fire to the skin of trees,
humanity is a cold disease.
You claim to fall like smoldering ash,
But you you lay wasting all your cash,
Proclaiming your lungs are a joke,
As you engulf them in a hug of smoke.

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