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Poems of Akshaya Pawasker

1. Confessions 8/22/2013
2. Finding Myself 8/20/2013
3. Forever your parasite 8/9/2013
4. Insane 8/26/2013
5. Mirror 8/17/2013
6. Oh Monalisa 9/7/2013
7. She communes with stars 8/29/2013
8. Stillborn 8/24/2013
9. World Of Darkness 8/7/2013

Forever your parasite

I was floating in your womb,
warm amniotic fluid bathing me.
A dream, I dreamt with open eyes,
of this safety cocoon.
I dream it often, to coil back.
My umbilicus though devoid
and your placenta shriveled,
a phantasmal cord still attached.
The Wharton's jelly dried,

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