Alice Winters

Alice Winters Poems

1. Cant Wait 10/6/2008
2. That Knife 10/9/2008
3. 1...2...3 10/9/2008
4. My Pray 10/9/2008
5. Finally 10/9/2008
6. Fade Away 10/13/2008
7. Changing 11/16/2008
8. Close Your Eyes 11/30/2008
9. Awake 12/19/2008
10. Let Go And Love 6/1/2009
11. Waiting 7/4/2009
12. Angels Song 7/4/2009
13. Waiting For The Marigolds 7/4/2009
14. Boom 7/4/2009
15. The Past, The Present 5/21/2009
16. Us Animals 10/9/2008
17. Loving You 10/9/2008
18. So Alone 10/9/2008
19. Away 10/6/2008
20. Too Late 10/9/2008
21. Please Dont Make Me Do This 10/6/2008
22. Choices Choices Choices 10/9/2008
Best Poem of Alice Winters

Choices Choices Choices

Choices choices choices,
Why do I have to choose,
To stay or to go,
To live or to die,
Life should be simple,
It shouldn’t hurt as much as it does,
There should be no such thing as cutting, or crying, or screaming,
But life isn’t like that,
Is it,
Life is about right and wrong,
Making your own choices,
If the choice you make destroys you,
It was your fault,
You made that choice.

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Cant Wait

Would'nt I like to see the day you cry,
The day you crack and want to die,
That will be the best day of my life,
To watch you fall off of your thrown,
To be captured in your own lies,
I cant wait to see you cry,
I cant wait to see you die.

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