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Rookie (22/3/1989 / muscat)

aliyah aliyah Poems

1. I Want To Love You 3/29/2006
2. Did You Really Worth It? 5/20/2006
3. Just Dont 5/20/2006
4. Your Human Angel 11/2/2006
5. There Is Apain Inside Of Me 11/23/2006
6. I Gat To Wake Up 11/23/2006
7. His Tears 2/24/2006
8. Words Am Writing To You 3/1/2006
9. I Had Abest Friend That Colled Pain 3/1/2006
10. Good Bye 12/7/2006
11. Confused 12/14/2006
12. Scared 12/14/2006
13. Blind Women 12/14/2006
14. Would You Come Back 1/15/2007
15. No One Dares To Be The Frist To Cry 1/15/2007
16. Tear, Paper And I 3/5/2007
17. Silent Love 4/6/2007
18. Take Me With You (When You Die) 4/6/2007
19. Tired 4/11/2007
20. The End Of The Story 4/27/2007
21. Life 5/4/2007
22. Colors Of Life 5/4/2007
23. Raining 5/9/2007
24. What Is? 5/9/2007
25. Perfect Man 5/24/2007
26. Tell Me How It's Like… 6/22/2007
27. Amazing Love 6/22/2007
28. Who Am I? 6/22/2007
29. Just Friends 6/29/2007
30. Little Girl 7/5/2007
31. Cant Fall In Love 7/25/2007
32. Here I Am 8/11/2007
33. Shh 8/11/2007
34. Loving You 8/24/2007
35. Hey Baby Stop Crying 8/29/2007
36. I Can’t Wait 8/29/2007
37. Too Late 8/31/2007
38. I'M The One 8/31/2007
39. I Need 2 Hate You 10/19/2007
40. You Left Away 10/19/2007
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But I died before today, I died long time ago
I died hundred times befour

I lived in silence for a long time
And am stilll in pain
I tried 2 get out of all of this

I lived an age older than my age
Million times older

I always took people’s pain and made it as mine
But I always ask my self, until when am I gonna do this

Sometimes I run from my self
Like the way someone runs from people who bothers them

Everytime I ask my eyes to let me sleep, just for today
But they say (Sorry, we ...

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How Would I Forget

you always asked me if i have forgot you
how would i and you r the one who teached me to be what i am today
i remmber when we were10 all i wanted to do is acting like big woman
and to under stand life
u told me u dont have to under stand life
but you should let life under stand`s u
u shouldnt play life`s game
u should let life play`s your game
you didnt tell me that by words

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