Amber Rainer

(June,2,1994 / Brandon)

Poems of Amber Rainer

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6. Love Really Hurts 4/28/2010
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9. People Lie 4/29/2010
10. School Is Cool 4/23/2010
11. Suicide 4/29/2010
12. wonderful teachers 4/29/2010

Love Really Hurts

when u are 15 and you have a kid,
if the guy bells on you i am so sorry ya know. guys are reallly bad these days i mean they hurt and hurt u over and over,
guys are wrong for what they do to us girls,
the need to be cool and if their girl get knocked up,
well it was their spurm so why get mad at the girl,
a guy needs to step up and be a man he need to get his mind together!
When u have a kid at 15 u just need to depend on yourself,
guys will always bell on u so dont cry or get mad,

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