Treasure Island

Amy Jones

(1985 / Ontario)

Poems of Amy Jones

1. A Blues poem 5/14/2006
2. A Child of 5/14/2006
3. A Gastown Bum 5/14/2006
4. Blue Eyes 5/14/2006
5. Doggy-style Behind the Octopus 5/14/2006
6. Downtown 5/14/2006
7. Grace 5/14/2006
8. Oh God 5/14/2006
9. Tink Tink 5/14/2006
10. Twice 5/14/2006

Blue Eyes

“I’m so sorry, ” he says again and again
The desperate crease across his eyebrows tells her he means it

She can tell he hasn’t eaten for a while
His face has that gaunt look like his cheekbones are protruding too far
Still, the days of stubble don’t hide the childish look of his features
His face is so oily it looks almost like sweat
But those helpless blue eyes still look like those belonging to a small boy

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