Angelica Duardo

Rookie - 50 Points (September 1987 / San Diego California)

Angelica Duardo Poems

1. She Steals The Light Of Morning Sun 4/4/2008
2. Breaking News 4/4/2008
3. From The Corner Of My Eye (I See The Faces) 4/4/2008
4. Boats Of White 4/4/2008
5. Kill A Myth 4/4/2008
6. Around You 4/4/2008
7. Paradox 4/4/2008
8. Comme Une Louve (French) 4/4/2008
9. Comme Une Louve (En Espanol- Como Una Loba) 4/4/2008
10. Comme Une Louve (In English- Like A Wolf) 4/4/2008
11. I Stand Victorious Over The Gates Of Hell 4/4/2008
12. Heroes Don'T Cry 4/4/2008
13. All Wolves Are Gray At Night 4/4/2008
14. Lonely Wars 4/4/2008
15. The River Song 4/4/2008
16. I Love You And It Hurts 4/4/2008
17. When I Walk Away 4/4/2008
18. Perfect Maze 4/8/2008
19. Breaking Shells 4/8/2008
20. The Difference Between Shadows And Stars 4/19/2008
21. Never Again I Wish To Feel This Way 4/19/2008
22. There Is No Sense To What I Say 4/19/2008
23. What If... 4/19/2008
24. Ser Como Dioses 4/19/2008
25. Ghosts 4/19/2008
26. We Just Hold On 4/19/2008
27. Mistake 4/19/2008
28. This Song Is For You 4/19/2008
29. I Need To Forget You 4/19/2008
30. Black Eyes 4/19/2008
31. Goodbye 4/19/2008
32. Who Should I Believe 4/19/2008
33. I Wish I Had A Louder Voice 4/19/2008
34. Changing Seasons 5/21/2008
35. That's Why Now I'M Going Home 5/21/2008
36. The Biggest Teaching 5/21/2008
37. I'M The Joker 5/21/2008
38. On Boys, Beers And Girls 5/21/2008
39. A Lessons For Myself 5/21/2008
40. Glow 5/25/2008
Best Poem of Angelica Duardo

A Lesson In Courage (My Beautiful Mother)

A lesson in courage
That’s what my mother is
A beautiful flower
I was born with in

I thought I could live without her
But she is the air I breathe
I was tired of all her words
But she is my sun, my star, my world

I know I’ve hurt her many times before
But it’s just my stupid way of saying:
“I love you more than I ever did before”
Is immature, I know, I still have a lot of things to learn

I thought I could live far away from her
I probably could, but it wouldn’t be the same
I have laugh of her silly ways
But she’s lovelier than a ...

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It’s harder than it seems
To hate someone you love
The words you can’t predict
When fury invades the fights you have

They’re stronger than you’ve wished
Those feelings so vile and weakening
You live a paradox
You’re neither right or wrong, you just feel

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