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ArmourQuill Hunter

Rookie (1949 / Fort Smith, AR)

Poems of ArmourQuill Hunter

1. 2-Halves Made= Whole 4/20/2006
2. A Dance To The End... 4/20/2006
3. A Needle in a Hay Hat 10/19/2006
4. A Prayer 4/26/2006
5. Accountability, to God, @-The-TOP 9/11/2006
6. After The Eclipse 4/25/2006
7. After the Prize 8/25/2006
8. Aladdin's Ladder 4/20/2006
9. All When Good Men Do Nothing 7/13/2006
10. All You Need Is LOVE 9/22/2006
11. Amorous Envelope 5/26/2006
12. Ancestors of The House of Britain 12/28/2006
13. Ancient Isle of Avalon 4/28/2006
14. Angels Hands Tied 8/10/2006
15. Apples Don't Fall Far From The Tree 4/20/2006
16. Arithmetic Minus Six 4/20/2006
17. Attitude Of Gratitude 6/20/2006
18. Auckland, New Zealand, by Night 4/20/2006
19. Auras of Rainbow Description 5/15/2006
20. Between the Killing and the Loving 1/7/2007

Arithmetic Minus Six

I hate six; six is the number of man.
I hate six, though I love the great “I AM”.
I hate six, however eight… “Is matchless in style…! ”
I love the Holy Spirit’s nine-, without man’s guile.

I hate six… “It’s such a number of sin.”
But I love your numbers Lord; they help me to win.
Now it’s your leading Father, guiding: “one, two-, and three.”
But oh how I hate six, as you can plainly see.

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