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Arun kumar

Poems of Arun kumar

1. Beauty Everywhere! 9/22/2007
2. Greetings For Thee..! 6/5/2007
3. Her Game! 9/22/2007
4. Let's Sail On Clouds 9/22/2007
5. Life? 9/22/2007
6. That's Where My Heart Dwells! 9/22/2007
7. The Altruist 9/22/2007
8. The Ruler's Pride 9/22/2007
9. Thou Art My... 9/23/2007
10. Wait River Wait... 9/22/2007

Her Game!

When her beams charm early the morn
Over the most finest part of my heart.
I see her colours dancing my eyes,
Sensing my nerves & life a shine again!

When her beams charm early the morn
Around her lips onto my cheeks.
I see her all around my arms,
Her eyes lit to pour the love again!

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