Axiom Wheeler

Rookie (03-09-1992 / Utah)

Axiom Wheeler Poems

1. Confusing Aka Hazel Crimson 3/25/2008
2. Looking Across The Hall 3/25/2008
3. Narrative Of Death 3/25/2008
4. Microsoft Works 4/9/2008
5. The Gamble Of Love 4/24/2008
6. Still My Family 4/29/2008
7. .i Wan 2 Mak A Pac Wit The Redr 5/1/2008
8. Reading Over My Shoulder (Poemhunter.Com) 5/7/2008
9. Www.Poemhunter.Com/Tryingtoblockmeandstuff 5/8/2008
10. The Goodbye (A Song) 5/10/2008
11. Don'T Leave 5/10/2008
12. The Sapphire 5/12/2008
13. Sometimes When People Die 5/12/2008
14. Waitress's Thoughts 7/5/2008
15. Submission! 9/3/2008
16. Which Is Right; To Do Or Not 9/3/2008
17. Entranced By Cupid's Charms 9/8/2008
18. Devious Thoughts That Overwhelm (Suicidal Schizophrenia) 9/18/2008
19. Foiled 11/21/2008
20. This Is Mine. 12/17/2008
21. Compassion 4/9/2008
22. Brimstone 1/13/2009
23. Hahaha. 12/28/2008
24. A Man I Know 4/3/2008
25. Pirate Scrooge 12/20/2008
26. Racism: A Brief Analasis 5/18/2008
27. The Book Is You 3/25/2008
28. Num Lock, Caps Lock, Scroll Lock. 3/25/2008
29. Down, Up, Out Of The Cellar 4/1/2008
30. Life Is Great. (Aka It Just Is) 5/1/2008
31. Sun Shines Down 4/9/2008
32. Obama Won 1/18/2009
33. About God 5/1/2008
Best Poem of Axiom Wheeler

About God

He is the one who I should be looking to.
He is the one who saves and washes clean.
Right now he’s there to make you perfect.
Right now he’s there to asking you to believe.

He gives you comfort.
He guides me through.
He makes me lovely,
And He loves you.

Worth it.
Free for all.

He’s mine.

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The Book Is You

Do you dare to despair your looks and your hair and feel like no one cares. Why not go get a good book. On the shelf, take a look, in the pages of gray, there’s a story that does tell it all. Like the time when kids died, and their mothers did cry, it’s the story of lifting and fall. A tale of the tales is written inside; I think it’s the story of you.

I can tell that the story says of things I have been through and seen. The book it tells of all the tales you had me believe. HOW COULD YOU B

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