Axiom Wheeler

Rookie (03-09-1992 / Utah)

Poems of Axiom Wheeler

1. .i wan 2 mak a pac wit The redR 5/1/2008
2. A Man I Know 4/3/2008
3. About God 5/1/2008
4. Brimstone 1/13/2009
5. Compassion 4/9/2008
6. Confusing aka Hazel Crimson 3/25/2008
7. Devious thoughts that overwhelm (suicidal schizophrenia) 9/18/2008
8. Don't Leave 5/10/2008
9. Down, up, out of the cellar 4/1/2008
10. Entranced by Cupid's Charms 9/8/2008
11. Foiled 11/21/2008
12. Hahaha. 12/28/2008
13. Life is great. (aka it just is) 5/1/2008
14. Looking Across the Hall 3/25/2008
15. Microsoft Works 4/9/2008
16. Narrative of Death 3/25/2008
17. Num Lock, Caps Lock, Scroll Lock. 3/25/2008
18. Obama Won 1/18/2009
19. Pirate Scrooge 12/20/2008
20. Racism: A Brief Analasis 5/18/2008

The Book is You

Do you dare to despair your looks and your hair and feel like no one cares. Why not go get a good book. On the shelf, take a look, in the pages of gray, there’s a story that does tell it all. Like the time when kids died, and their mothers did cry, it’s the story of lifting and fall. A tale of the tales is written inside; I think it’s the story of you.

I can tell that the story says of things I have been through and seen. The book it tells of all the tales you had me believe. HOW COULD YOU B

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