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Azriel Dreams

Rookie (Died in a Fire and reborn as a Reaper / A Town called Passion)

Poems of Azriel Dreams

1. A Dreams a Dream 10/17/2008
2. A Page in my Book. 4/10/2010
3. A Ship, An Anchor and a Storm. 4/10/2010
4. A Tale of Two Woes 4/10/2010
5. A Woman In My Time 3/3/2009
6. Angel Mine. 4/10/2010
7. Babies (Haiku) . 4/10/2010
8. Crossing the Heartland my Love. 4/10/2010
9. Dear Other Half When You Exist. 4/10/2010
10. Devotions 10/17/2008
11. Friendship. 4/10/2010
12. Get Over The Girl. 4/10/2010
13. HARASK (Haiku) 10/26/2008
14. Heart Break (Haiku) 4/10/2010
15. Hopscotch (Haiku) . 4/10/2010
16. I know that man. 4/10/2010
17. Inti Omri 10/26/2008
18. Joker joker. 4/10/2010
19. Lost Not Found 7/17/2009
20. Love Bank. 4/10/2010

Through Thick or Thin

Every day without you seems like an eternity. The days I spend with you seem like only fleeting moments in my memory. And yet, my mind is filled with memories of you and me.

I bless the day we found each other. I'm grateful that you took a chance on our love. I'm happy I followed my heart until you found me. You are truly my best friend and the only man in the world for me.

There are no words to describe the depth of my feeling for you. There are no actions that can convey the way I feel

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