Treasure Island

Badr Shakir al-Sayyab


Poems of Badr Shakir al-Sayyab

1. A Strange Man Nearby The Gulf 9/13/2013
2. An Ode To Revolutionary Iraq 5/6/2014
3. Before The Gate Of The God 5/5/2014
4. Burning 5/5/2014
5. City Of Sinbad 5/8/2014
6. Day Has Gone 9/21/2013
7. For I Am A Stranger 5/5/2014
8. Myths 9/11/2013
9. O, The Loneliness Of The Soul 9/11/2013
10. Rain Song 9/10/2013
11. Return To Jaykur 9/21/2013
12. The Chillness And The Hissing Sound Of Fire 9/10/2013
13. The Drowned Temple 9/12/2013
14. The Genesis of Job 9/10/2013
15. The Journey Of Job -2 9/13/2013
16. The Mother And The Lost Child 9/11/2013
17. The River and The Death 9/12/2013
18. The Wilt Of Rosebay's Flowers 9/10/2013


Myths derived the death rattling moments…
Previously were woven by tremble hand…
They were related through dark abysmal period
Two dead men sang its tune…
Myths as if desert covered with mirage
And remaining of shooting star glimpses there…
Throwing its light, I see my way
It has crossing point with the shadow of a loaf of bread…
There you had glanced to me behind your muddy furnace…

[Hata Bildir]