Treasure Island

Barak Al'Mondia

(10th July 1983 / Nairobi)

Poems of Barak Al'Mondia

1. just a Piece of cake 2/10/2009
2. KANE & ABEL 2/24/2009
3. LIGHT. 2/24/2009
4. Piece of cake 2/10/2009
5. Seeing Double 2/10/2009
6. The Village Poet 2/10/2009
7. Virgin Spear 2/10/2009
8. Waithera 2/10/2009
9. ZEBRA AND THE DONKEY. 2/24/2009

Seeing Double

When I look at Africa,
I see the wild life- They show the wild living,
I see a people- loving- giving and truly believing,
They show a people heartless and only thirsty for killing,
I see a child holding up a report card saying “I was number one”
They show a child soldier holding up a gun!
I see prosperity, bountiful harvests and good health,
They show poverty, drought, disease and death,
I see the different cultures and tribes they show the tribal wars,

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