Barbara Vanier

Rookie - 0 Points (May 18,1962 / a very small place in Florida, USA)

Barbara Vanier Poems

1. Justice Done 11/9/2008
2. Lacky/What's That? 11/9/2008
3. Make The Call 11/9/2008
4. Mummy 11/9/2008
5. Potter's Field 11/9/2008
6. S.H.C. 11/9/2008
7. Seven Witches To The Other Side 11/9/2008
8. Stone Crown 11/9/2008
9. Street Of Sorrow 11/9/2008
10. Subjagate My Love 11/9/2008
11. Under His Feet 11/9/2008
12. Waining Wings 11/9/2008
13. Thank You 11/9/2008
14. Safe From Harm 11/10/2008
15. All You Try To Give To Me 11/9/2008
16. Black And Blue 11/9/2008
17. Bleeding Heart 11/9/2008
18. Dieing To See You 11/9/2008
19. Dreamer 11/9/2008
20. My Unwanted Friends 11/10/2008
21. Realize My Mind 11/10/2008
22. I Am The Love Of My Beloved 11/11/2008
23. Early In The Morning 11/11/2008
24. Bow To The Sun 11/11/2008
25. An Open Mind 11/11/2008
26. You Have Become My Heart 11/11/2008
27. I Have Become A Madman 11/11/2008
28. That Slave Of Mine 11/12/2008
29. A Wall That Is Mine 11/12/2008
30. I Opened Up My Heart 11/12/2008
31. It Once Might Have Been 11/12/2008
32. The Candy Store 11/13/2008
33. But Am I 11/13/2008
34. Eve 11/15/2008
35. I Have Found Love 11/16/2008
36. Mother Came Over Today 11/16/2008
37. This Is My Love 11/19/2008
38. Bond Or Free 11/19/2008
39. To Find Love 11/19/2008
40. World Of Insanity 11/29/2008
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See me dance, dance for you
Move my arms, my leg
You give me everything
Nothing from you I beg
My mouth opens and I sing
The words no one can hear
I take a bow as the crowd
Stands and starts to cheer

See me move, move for you
Contort and turn about
Never a moment’s haziness
No words even grow to shout
For your amusement I play for you
Dancing on my strings
‘Till when done you throw me down
Like one of your many things

Marionette I love you
You show me life complete
Marionette you and me
Die to be free
Marionette I love ...

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Shake off delirium sanity it has it's price for pain
question, are you sure this is the game to play
mental disease trapping, trap, tapistry hangs in mine
curl on up you'll fall right off the edge of world devine

The beast is outside waiting this choice is up to you (good bye)

Falling down the bending ladder storys flying fast
pray to God and wake up before you hit the ground

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