Bartholomew Arkoh Boamah Sarbah

Rookie - 331 Points (20/09/1990 / Ghana)

Bartholomew Arkoh Boamah Sarbah Poems

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31. State Death 7/28/2012
32. Stronger Together 3/10/2014
33. When Will Africa Unite 10/4/2011
34. Awake Mother Africa 10/5/2011
Best Poem of Bartholomew Arkoh Boamah Sarbah

Awake Mother Africa

Awake mother Africa, awake
For you lie asleep for long
Your future is in the balance
And your dignity fades away with the passing of the days
Your children are blindfolded
And we trail destruction in ignorance
Each day, Mother Africa;
A layer of your beautiful clothing is molted away
Your heritage escapes the present generation
And the heroism of the land seems to have perished
with the death of your first sons
Are we truely your children;
And yet we show no resemblance?
Are we of your lineage;
And yet we are world apart?
Awake from ...

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Pow! pow! ! bellowed the gun
It echoes sending shiver upon the phlegm
And heroism finding shelter after moments,
The scene floods with women;
Men with bravery shrouded with fear
There on the patio lies the breathless being
With killers unknown,
And life hovers round naked body;
An irreversible mess

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