Bazi alis Subrata Ray

Freshman - 814 Points (January / Formerly East Pahistan)

Bazi alis Subrata Ray Poems

41. To The Lotus Feet Of Mahapurush Maharaj (Swami Shivananda) 4/23/2011
42. To My Mistress. 5/7/2012
43. To My Great Spiritual Master, - 9/7/2014
44. To My Friends, -Birth Day Greetings. 1/26/2014
45. To My Dearest Husband. 1/11/2015
46. To My Beauteous Friend Marian Haddad, 4/8/2011
47. To Marian Haddad, -A Token Of Friendship. 1/25/2015
48. To Makbul Fida Hussein, At His Demise. By Ray Subrata 6/12/2011
49. To Mac Adrone Adonay 3/9/2014
50. To Loving Partha Sarothi -A Token Of Love. 10/23/2014
51. To Jan Mielke Schwartz, -The Spiritual Soul 10/19/2013
52. To Her Baby Ox 9/18/2011
53. Time Table Is As The Time Goes. 3/31/2011
54. Time Fridged Silence And Noisy Gaps. 3/11/2011
55. Thoughtless Thoughts’ Farming Lust. 3/3/2011
56. Thoughtless Suspension. 8/4/2013
57. These Smiles 6/24/2014
58. Theresa Andres Hermita. 1/20/2015
59. There Was A Nun. 11/13/2012
60. The Yesterday's Yawn. 8/21/2012
61. The World Of Arpita. 3/14/2013
62. The Withering Wellness. -new- 4/13/2015
63. The Withering Girl. 7/18/2013
64. The Withering Dismay. 5/4/2013
65. The Window Wink. 3/25/2012
66. The Wanton Whispers. 4/10/2013
67. The Wanton Circus 2/16/2013
68. The Waif’s Wailing. 5/18/2013
69. The Voyage After Normalcy. 6/23/2013
70. The Virtues Of Beauty 8/9/2013
71. The Vain Glory’s Gift. 4/28/2011
72. The Upanishads -Part I 10/21/2012
73. The Unwritten Love Letter 10/23/2013
74. The Untouched Goblet. 8/28/2014
75. The Unsaid Truth Beneath The Cover. 1/13/2013
76. The Unlocking Of The Cap 11/13/2012
77. The Universal Truth Of Beauty. 9/5/2014
78. The Universal Submission To The Glory Of Avatar. 11/26/2013
79. The Un-Faded Rose 6/27/2013
80. The Undefined Love. 7/19/2013
Best Poem of Bazi alis Subrata Ray

Love For The Beloved.

Long before the clicking of time-clock,
When memory had no advent,
Your abstract image planted its reflection,
In the all mirrored prism of my soul.

I had many a query and musing,
On the occasional projections,
And silently condensed forms and figures,
Like the recovery of oblivious dreams.

In temple, church and caves, the same image,
The same exploration, more in wretched and outcast,
Had an impelling sway as if a drop of water holds thousand oceans,

Like the ardent cry of an widow damsel,
For a promised off-sea captain,
Or the ...

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A Kiss

A kiss imagined,
Is fine.
A kiss on fore head,
Leads the spirit to soul’s gate.

A kiss on darling’s feet,
Is lover’s cherished retreat.

A kiss on lips with strong passion,

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