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Beating Tree

Rookie (august 16 1995)

Poems of Beating Tree

1. 15 tears 6/19/2012
2. A bad apple 5/24/2010
3. A Blood Red King 12/10/2011
4. A rose I am no more 5/17/2010
5. A Tearfull Sorrow 1/25/2012
6. A written stutter 5/17/2010
7. Across the sea 5/17/2010
8. Always lost in thought 5/17/2010
9. Angels 5/17/2010
10. As A Red Rose 12/10/2011
11. Beating Tree 5/17/2010
12. Beautiful Becuase 6/22/2012
13. Before I See Yesterday again. 6/19/2012
14. Casting away your stepping stones 6/19/2012
15. Covered & Colored 5/17/2010
16. Door not on the ground 5/17/2010
17. Head Loose 12/10/2011
18. Hearing her whispers in the night. 12/11/2011
19. Hells not hot its cold 5/17/2010
20. I am a tree 5/27/2010

What you are

The beauty of a rose, is what you are.
You are the face of God, heavenly in all.
The reason my heart still beats, is what you are.
You are the blood in my veins, each dropp filled with joy.
The song stuck in my head, is what you are.
You are the voice of an angel, your voice saved me from hell.
The cure for my disease, is what you are.
You are worth the sun, the moon and everything in-between.
The dream I never want to end, is what you are.

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