Bijay Kant Dubey

Bijay Kant Dubey Poems

1481. In The Good Heart 10/9/2014
1482. In The Haunted Houses Of Time 6/24/2014
1483. In The Image Of Rimi (For Pronab Kumar Majumder) 4/6/2014
1484. In The Memory Of A Burquawalli 11/28/2013
1485. In The Memory Of My Daughter 10/11/2014
1486. In The Midst Of Candles, The Church Decorates On The Eve Of Christmas 12/19/2015
1487. In The Mud House Lie I With The Candle 2/25/2015
1488. In The Name Of Fanaticism, Many A War Has Been Fought, But How Many...? 1/10/2015
1489. In The Speech Of Barack I Can Read American Diplomacy And His Unsound Understanding Of India 1/28/2015
1490. In The Temple Of Heart 7/20/2014
1491. In The Temple Of Heart, I Want To Keep 4/14/2015
1492. In The Temple Of My Heart 9/5/2015
1493. In The Theatre Of Life 1/1/2015
1494. In The Theatre Of Life (Haiku) 2/6/2015
1495. In The Theatre Of Life; In The Theatre Of Silence 11/22/2014
1496. In The Theatre Of Silence 11/28/2014
1497. In The Theatre Of The Absurd 11/28/2014
1498. In The Theatre Of The World 6/14/2015
1499. In This Digital World 4/5/2015
1500. In This World Of Medieval Crusaders And Fanatics, Where To Find A Liberal Human Being? 11/21/2015
1501. In This World, Who Is My Own? 2/24/2015
1502. In To The Train To Pakistan 8/1/2014
1503. In Touching You 11/4/2013
1504. In Traffic Jams, See I Life Screeching For Room & Breath? 12/15/2014
1505. In You Dark Daughter 10/10/2014
1506. Incredible India (A Tryst With The Naga Sadhu) 4/7/2014
1507. India Cannot Be India If The Soul Of It Is Not Taken Into Confidence 1/23/2014
1508. India Cannot Be India Without The Hindus, The Muslims, The Christians, The Buddhists, The Jains, The Parsism 10/13/2015
1509. India Going To Vote 5/18/2014
1510. India In The Eyes Of The Non-Resident Indians; Just A Mirage 11/28/2013
1511. India Is In Reality Of The Thieves And Looters, Thugs And Dacoits 1/2/2015
1512. India Is Not Intolerant, Perhaps You Are 11/25/2015
1513. India Is Secular, But Are They? Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Pakistan, Bangladesh? , 10/17/2015
1514. India Is Secular, Will Remain, But Did Pakistan And Small Bangladesh Did They Remain? 11/1/2015
1515. India Of Politicians, All Politicians 1/15/2015
1516. India Of The Indians, Neither Of The Mias Nor The Hindus, Leaving No Scope For Extra Hindugiri Or Miangiri 11/6/2015
1517. India Of Thugs And Dacoits Remember I, Recollect I 3/31/2015
1518. India The Land Of Sadhus And Sadhakas 12/13/2013
1519. India You Do Not Know, I Do Not Know 7/22/2014
1520. India-Centric Statement 1/27/2015
Best Poem of Bijay Kant Dubey

The Dark Daughter

The Dark Daughter
The dark daughter, dark not, but beautiful,
Call her not dark,
As she dark not, my dark daughter,
Dark you, dark the world, the tales of Creation,
Dark, dark is Kali,
Not only you.

Dark daughter, you not only dark,
Dark the world and the tales of it,
Dark the Creation
And the tales of it,
The Light coming out from the Womb of Darkness
And shining upon.

Dark daughter, dark you not,
Dark the Creation and the tales of it
Shrouded in myths and mysteries
And miracles flashing upon
To dawn.

Dark dark, dark ...

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Ted Hughes

Hughes, you do not look like what you are in your poetry
A man so cruel, so callous
In your behaviour
That you could not take care of
A neurotic girl,
A loving and confessional girl
That you made her take life.

Hughes, are you really a hawk,

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